Donnie Baker is an integral part of the renowned “Bob and Tom Show,” a long-running radio comedy program known for its humor, wit, and engaging content. As the show’s announcer, Donnie’s distinctive voice and lively personality have endeared him to millions of listeners across the United States.

Donnie Baker

Born and raised in Indiana, Donnie Baker’s journey to radio stardom began at a young age. Fascinated by the world of broadcasting, he attended Indiana State University, where he honed his communication skills and cultivated a passion for the industry.

After graduating, Donnie wasted no time in pursuing his dream career and joined a local radio station. Little did he know that this step would be the first milestone in his successful career.

Is Donnie Baker Married?

Donnie Baker is a popular radio personality, renowned for his comedic flair and quick wit on “The Bob and Tom Show.” Beyond the microphone, he finds joy in his personal life with his wife, Tracey Horen Sexton.

Is Donnie Baker Married?

Known for her warm and friendly demeanor, Tracey complements Donnie’s humor with her genuine charm. Together, they make a dynamic duo, spreading laughter and joy to listeners.

As a couple, they have likely navigated life’s ups and downs, fostering a strong and loving partnership. The Sextons’ shared laughter and happiness serve as a testament to the power of a loving relationship both on and off the airwaves.

Donnie Baker: “Bob and Tom Show”

In the late 1980s, Donnie’s path crossed with Tom Griswold, one of the creators of the “Bob and Tom Show.” Impressed by Donnie’s smooth voice and witty demeanor, Tom invited him to become the show’s announcer. Donnie accepted the offer, and this partnership proved to be a match made in radio heaven.

Donnie Baker: "Bob and Tom Show"

Since then, the “Bob and Tom Show” has flourished, and Donnie Baker’s role as the show’s announcer has been pivotal in its success. Every morning, millions of listeners tune in to hear Donnie’s resonant voices kick off the show with his iconic introduction, setting the stage for the humorous banter and entertaining sketches that follow.

His commanding presence behind the microphone creates an atmosphere of familiarity, making listeners feel like they are catching up with old friends.

Donnie Baker’s Amazing Career And Personality

One of Donnie’s greatest strengths is his ability to effortlessly adapt to the show’s fast-paced and ever-changing content. The “Bob and Tom Show” features a wide array of characters and recurring segments, and Donnie seamlessly transitions from one to another with precision and professionalism.

Donnie Baker's Amazing Career And Personality

In an industry that can be unpredictable and competitive, Donnie Baker’s longevity and continued success with the “Bob and Tom Show” are a testament to his talent, work ethic, and genuine passion for what he does. He has become an indelible part of the show’s legacy and has left an enduring mark on the world of radio.

Ron Sexton’s Charitable Endeavors

Beyond his work on the “Bob and Tom Show,” Donnie Baker has made notable contributions to the community. He actively involves himself in charitable endeavors, often participating in fundraising events and promoting causes close to his heart.

Ron Sexton's Charitable Endeavors

His generous spirit and commitment to making a positive impact further solidify his place as a beloved figure not only in the world of radio but also in the hearts of his fans. Over the years, Donnie’s contributions have been recognized and celebrated.

He has received numerous accolades, including awards for his outstanding work in broadcasting. However, even with all the fame and recognition, Donnie remains down-to-earth and approachable, always appreciating the support and love he receives from the show’s devoted listeners.

Ron Sexton's Charitable Endeavors


Donnie Baker’s journey from a young dreamer in Indiana to a cherished radio personality on the Bob and Tom Show” is an inspiring tale of dedication and passion. His magnetic voice, quick wit, and warm presence have captured the hearts of listeners nationwide.

As long as the show continues, Donnie’s voice will undoubtedly be a cherished and familiar sound to wake up to for millions of people, making their mornings a little brighter with laughter and joy.

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