Ink Master was a beloved reality TV show for all tattoo lovers. The show ran for 13 whole seasons and was a big hit.

Artists from all over the country participate to show their artistic skills and win the crown. It is a prestigious honor for any tattoo artist. But the show ain’t no stranger to mighty controversies as well.

The season 8 finale was no different either.

The Controversy About Season 8 Winner

Like all other seasons of the show, the 8th season was dramatic too. It was also known for disregarding women in the tattoo industry.

Ryan Ashley along with the judges of Ink Master

Not many female tattoo artists were acknowledged and respected by the show and its makers. It was only by the 8th season that the first female artist won the title. Ryan Ashley created history by being the first female winner in the competition.

Ashley’s win brought forth a major change. It impacted society and encouraged more women to follow their passion of tattoo artistry regardless of what the society says.


The show saw a drastic change with Ryan Ashley’s win. It was a big change for the male dominated show and industry.

Too bad Ink Master was canceled by the makers after its 13th season.

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