Freddie Prinze Jr. has revealed that he underwent spinal surgery and is grateful for the good wishes of his followers.

On November 20, the actor tweeted the breaking news, writing: “Spine surgery this morning but now ur friend is… Robo-Bro!” On Saturday, he added, “I’m completely good. recovering well… Friends, private medical info. Let’s claim that my disc problems were resolved. That’s all, friends.

Prinze claims that he has been working on relearning how to walk since his operation, but a string of positive pictures and tweets show that he is embracing the challenge.

In a series of before-and-after images, he shared on Twitter, Prinze, 38, was all grins. He proudly displayed the surgical scar on his neck and even suggested nicknames for himself, such as Robo-Bro, Brobot, and Iron Android.

Freddie Prinze Jr Illness

He uploaded a picture of himself outside on Wednesday with the message “#KeepItPlayful,” wearing a neck brace. Jiu-jitsu is learned by mastering one technique at a time, just like learning to walk again.

He tweeted another happy photo on Friday after walking three miles as part of his ongoing recuperation.

The actor has maintained his positive attitude despite his setback, wishing his followers a Happy Thanksgiving and posting additional inspirational messages: “Just sending love to all of you today. Continue urging folks ahead. Hold them back not! It’s the only way we can succeed!

Prinze touted his position as Kanan in Disney XD’s Star Wars Rebels and shared a photo of his dinner of blackened swordfish in the days preceding his operation, keeping quiet about the health issues he would confront.

Freddie Prinze Jr Illness

The actor has been posting updates about his recovery on social media, but his wife, Sarah Michelle Gellar, has not yet made any statements regarding the operation in the media. The couple’s two children are son Rocky, 2, and daughter Charlotte, 5.

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