Erica Ash is an award-winning American actress, comedian, singer, and model. She was a cast member on the sketch comedy programs MADtv and The Big Gay Sketch Show, and she later starred in the Starz sitcom Survivor’s Remorse.

Erica has recently been in the spotlight due to her latest Netflix movie, We Have A Ghost. She played the role of a teenage boy’s mother. The boy discovers a ghost in his attic and the horror-comedy revolves around his journey.

Erica’s Biography

The 45-year-old beauty was born on September 19, 1977, in Florida. She was born into a military family, with both her parents serving in the military. Due to this, they kept relocating to Germany and several other parts of the world.

Erika Ash

In her youth years, she attended a performing arts school in Atlanta, Georgia. She was aiming to be a doctor and even graduated from Emory University, in Atlanta with a degree in pre-medicine. She was also prepared to attend medical school.

However, a trip to Japan where she became a backup singer and a runway model changed her mind. She decided to pursue a career in acting.

In February 2006, she landed several offers including job opportunities in Broadway shows like The Lion King and a two-week job in Germany. Post returning from Germany, she successfully auditioned for the cable television comedy show The Big Gay Sketch Show.

Since then, Erica never looked back. She built her name in the industry and established herself as a wonderful actress, comedian, and model. She is widely loved by her fans.

However, her latest appearance in We Have A Ghost, has sparked major concerns from her fans. Keep reading to know about the details of these concerns.

Erica’s Fans Worried About Her Health

Erica has not been seen on Television for a while, so with her debut in the Netflix film, her appearance piqued fans’ interest. Her appearance in the movie didn’t go unnoticed by her fans and they began worrying about her well-being.

Erika Ash before and after

Erica appears to have lost noticeable weight and her before-after pictures elicit a sharp difference. This has a lot of viewers worried. They are speculating that Erica is suffering from some major illness like cancer due to which she lost several pounds.

It was said that she was sick, which raised people’s worries. However, Erika prefers to keep her private life private and there has been no mention of her illness or weight loss.

Her appearance, compared to earlier one, appears to be fitter, but sadly it worried her fans instead of impressing her. The dynamic transformation is a bit shocking to digest.

Reason Behind Her Dramatic Change

Even though Ash’s new look worried her fans, there is nothing much to really worry about. Apparently, Erica has been focusing on getting fitter and healthier, a part of which has been her dramatic weight loss.

Erika Ash

Fans who regularly follow her know that she has been adopting a healthier lifestyle with a new diet and workout. By the looks of it, Erica is succeeding in her efforts as she has become considerably leaner and fitter.

She is safe and there is nothing to really worry about. And although the fans’ concern is appreciated, the assumptions are a little too absurd. Any person losing some weight cannot be classified as them suffering from a disease.

We need to stop making over-the-top presumptions and overthinking.


Erika Ash’s slimmer-than-before appearance alerted fans and made them think she is probably really sick to have lost several pounds. However, it appears that the comedian is safe and healthy. In fact, she has been adopting a healthier approach due to which she has become considerably leaner.

We wish her all the health and success.

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