Since 2009, David Venable, an American author and television broadcaster, has presided over In the Kitchen with David on QVC. He also created cookbooks inspired by the program.

Venable was born in Charlotte, North Carolina, on November 12, 1964. At the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, he studied journalism. In 1993, QVC hired Venable. He began by using the station to advertise the company’s gourmet food offerings. He rapidly rose in status on the channel over time before beginning to host his own shows.

What Disease Does David Venable Have That Has Caused Him To Lose Weight?

What Disease Does David Venable Have That Has Caused Him To Lose Weight?

Since 2009, the American author and TV host have served as host of In the Kitchen with David on QVC. More than half a million copies of his four renowned cookbooks have been sold.

Although David Venable’s exact weight is unknown, “Trending Pal” claims the gourmand shed about 86 kg.

According to reports, David Venable has shed a significant amount of weight—nearly 50 pounds. Contrary to popular belief, he is not ill; rather, he just changed his diet and way of life to lose weight.

He wrote in a post on his official Facebook page saying “Hey Foodies! I’m so sorry … but I won’t be in for the show today. My cough from yesterday has gotten worse and I now have laryngitis. I’ve missed you … but my voice sounds really rough and my doctor has advised lots of rest. Our Mary will fill in for me today. I will look forward to being back with you on Wednesday. 🤒

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