Bethenny Frankel is in pain, and the symptoms sound dreadful.

Bethenny shared her difficulties with her viewers in a sad way on Thursday, knowing they would immediately notice something was off about her face. She claims it’s all connected to her battle with POTS syndrome, a blood circulation ailment that causes bloating, excruciating pain, weight gain, and—worst of all—dehydration.

Bethenny claims that dehydration has a dramatic impact on her life; she is unable to retain water, which has a variety of negative health effects. According to her medical professionals, POTS is to blame for everything.

The 52-year-old claims that since COVID, the severity of her illness has increased and that there is now no treatment to reverse it.

Bethenny Frankel Illness

Her main worry is that she won’t be there for Bryn, her 12-year-old daughter. Bethenny is persevering despite everything and will be snowboarding with Bryn in Aspen on Wednesday.


Reality TV actress and businesswoman Bethenny Frankel has recently spoken publicly about the devastating effects of POTS disease on her blood circulation. She broke down in front of her viewers and described the agonizing symptoms she suffers from, including abdominal distention, rapid weight gain, and dehydration.

Even though Bethenny is worried that she won’t be able to be present for her daughter, she is still planning to take her snowboarding in Aspen. There is presently no medication to reverse her condition, which has deteriorated since the COVID outbreak, despite consulting with medical doctors.

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