A Canadian rapper, singer, and actor by the name of Aubrey Drake Graham was born on October 24, 1986.

Drake, a significant personality in modern popular music, is credited with making singing and R&B influences more common in hip hop. Drake launched a music career after becoming well-known for playing Jimmy Brooks in the CTV teen drama Degrassi

The Next Generation (2001–08). He released his debut mixtape, Room for Improvement, in 2006 and later released Comeback Season (2007) and So Far Gone (2009) before joining Young Money Entertainment.

Drake’s Face Tattoo Slammed by Fans After Rapper Trolled Dad for His Ink

Drake has received criticism from his fans for getting a face tattoo just one day after making fun of his father’s tattoo.

Rapper Drake from Canada shared a photo of his new tattoo on Instagram, revealing his fans his mom’s initials that were inscribed close to his left eye. Just four days after tweeting a picture of his father’s arm tattooed with Drake’s face, Drake informed his followers of the news about his tattoo.

Online discussion about Drake’s face tattoo grew popular, receiving both positive and negative feedback.

Drake was shown getting the facial tattoo in an online Instagram story, and the musician subsequently revealed the finished product by posting several pictures on his account. As Drake seems to corroborate in the caption, the initials “S G” are now inked on his face and represent for his mother, “Sandra Gale.”

drake tattoos

Now who of Drake’s young friends suggested that he get a face tattoo? journalist Natalie Harmsen tweeted a question.

Drake fan account @NickiDrake Fanz posted, “That better b Drake’s final facial tattoo,” plainly disliking his ink. @vvvictorp questioned, “Drake got a face tattoo—where are we as a society right now? On social media, several users made fun of the fact that he had Selena Gomez’s initials tattooed on his face.

In response to the tattoo, @joeyshaa dubbed it “the last straw,” and @Kodakbetter made fun of Drake by calling him “the typa man to have the worlds smallest facial tattoo.”

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Tattoos on Drake’s Right Arm

Shall we get started? The former Degrassi star has at least a dozen tattoos on his right arm. The rapper had his father’s mugshot tattooed on his tricep in January 2014. He wrote the phrase “Mini portrait of my father” on an Instagram post.

Reason? reason not A pink blossom with a bee in the center is depicted above this, possibly alluding to his 2017 mixtape More Life.

The next tattoo was “All Kinds” in capital letters on his bicep. Unknown cause. On his bicep is a picture of the CN Tower from his native Toronto, Canada, rendered in musical symbols.

A picture of a woman eating ice cream who closely resembles Rihanna is lower on his bicep.

From 2009 through 2016, they had an on-again, off-again relationship. Rihanna later replicated the shark tattoo on his right forearm, which was apparently an inside joke between the two ex-wives.

drake tattoos

An image of Jesus Malverde, a Robin Hood-like Mexican character from the 19th century, was perched on his shoulder. Uncertain reason for tattoo.

Drake frequently refers to himself as the “6 God,” a nod to his Toronto background, and has the number 6 and praying hands tattooed on his forearm (area code 416). A picture of Denzel Washington from the 1990 movie Mo’ Better Blues is displayed underneath.

The discovery of Washington’s face on Drake’s body, according to Washington, was “wild” in a November 2017 interview with Jimmy Fallon.

The picture of his son Adonis, who was born in 2018, is maybe the most noticeable thing on his arm. He also had a carved jack o’lantern on his forearm. No justification was offered by Drake.

Tattoos on Drake’s Left Arm

One down, one more to go. A bottle of Drakkar Noir perfume, the rapper’s ostensibly favourite scent, was resting on his shoulder. (His original Twitter username was @drakkardnior since he likes it so much.)

A burning skull with the phrase “Unruly” scrawled beneath it was to the left of that. (Social media sleuths have found that the tattoo might refer to a Drake collaborator who had a 2016 album called Unruly.) “BBK,” allegedly for his pal and UK rapper Skepta, is also written on his shoulder.

You can see a huge painting of Lil Wayne, who signed Drake to his company back in 2009, on the rapper’s tricep.

He had the Eye of Horus on his bicep. Drizzy didn’t give an explanation, but the Egyptian symbol denotes wellbeing. Another nod to his Toronto heritage is a compass pointing east further down on his bicep.

Two numerals, 30 and 35, are placed beneath it in tribute to Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant’s respective jersey numbers.

A lion with the words “Oktober Lejonhjarta” surrounding it appeared on the inside of his forearm (meaning: October Lionheart). This tattoo is a result of what appears to have been a wild night with Swedish supermodels.

He has an Abbey Road-inspired tattoo of himself waving at the Beatles on his forearm (allegedly over surpassing a Beatles-held record for most Hot 100 top 10 songs in one year on the Billboard Charts).

A picture of his friend and fellow OVO member Anthony Fif, who was assassinated in 2017, is also painted on his forearm. “RIP to a member of our family, our brother. I still can’t believe this morning actually happened “a caption on an Instagram image by Drake.

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Drake’s Chest and Torso Tattoos

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Two images of R&B singer Sade are displayed on Drake’s left torso. Longtime buddies, the two. 416 on his right side. No explanation is necessary.

He has a noticeable tattoo of an owl grabbing a mouse on his chest. According to Refinery29, the owl’s design for OVO took 12 hours to produce.

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