Lyssa Chapman, daughter of Duane “Dog the Bounty Hunter” Chapman, is deserving of our congratulations.

Last week, Lyssa announced on Instagram that she and Leiana Evensen, her longtime partner, had tied the knot in a Hawaiian luau on the shores of the Pacific Ocean on June 3.

This past weekend, my wife and I gathered with seven of our closest family members and took the time to publicly declare our love and commitment to one another,” Lyssa posted on Instagram, using her late husband Lei’s maiden name.

With our toes firmly entangled in the ocean, we were able to feel its power and vastness. In Makaalamihi, with uncle David officiating, we stated our declarations of intent, said our vows and began life together OFFICIALLY as husband and wife. ”

Dog The Bounty Hunter's Daughter Lyssa Chapman Got Married To

Her father, the Dog, was married to Lyssa Rae Brittain from 1982 to 1991 and had one daughter with her.

Her daughters Madalynn and Abbie, as well as her new in-laws Stacy and Carl Evensen, accompanied her on her wedding day.

“It was like a dream come true,” she wrote on Instagram. What I’m most grateful for is that I’ve found my wife, @leiana13. I never thought I was worthy or capable of this kind of love. The vibration I feel in my body hasn’t stopped since we met and if you are reading this from the darkest place in your heart, know that your happy beginning is out there somewhere. ”

Dog The Bounty Hunter's Daughter Lyssa Chapman Got Married To

As can be seen in images taken on the big day, both Lyssa and her new wife were dressed all in white, with the former in a long dress and the latter in a button-down shirt and shorts combo. Both the bride and the groom were decked out in vibrant flower crowns.

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As Leiana wrote in her own Instagram post, “I still can’t believe I am lucky enough to be by your side. In life, in love, in adventure, in sickness and in health.” My love for you grows every day, Lyssa Rae Chapman-Evensen II, and I have no idea how I will ever be able to know how much I love you…until the next day comes.

Dog The Bounty Hunter's Daughter Lyssa Chapman Got Married To

In an Instagram post over the weekend, Lei wrote that she and Lyssa had “instant magnetism” when they first met as clients at her therapy salon.

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When they first met, they discovered they were born on the same day and year. “What?” she exclaimed. My love for her has only grown since we first met and I can’t imagine life without her. ‘Well sounds like we are either going to love each other or hate each other’… but we already knew, it was true love; our love has only grown every day since and I can’t imagine a life without her.”

Dog The Bounty Hunter's Daughter Lyssa Chapman Got Married To

“He was of course on the phone with me all morning and during. We FaceTimed a bunch. He was there to both in spirit and electronically,” Lyssa tells PEOPLE of her father’s absence.

Since his fourth wife Beth Chapman (née Smith) died, she admits, “It’s really, really hard for him to come back to Hawaii.” Dog the Bounty Hunter made their marriage famous around the world, and the couple resided happily ever after in a Honolulu suburb until Beth’s death in 2019 at the age of 51.

However, even though her father has faced accusations of homophobia from Lyssa’s half-sister Bonnie (his older child with Beth), she says he is fully supportive of her and Lei’s relationship.

It has never been a topic of conversation between her and her father, she claims. People who are Christian and believe that marriage is only between a man and a woman may find it difficult to accept the fact that their daughter may fall in love with someone they also adore. “You can’t just say you don’t believe in it.”

A few days later, she said, “I don’t want to put words in his mouth because I don’t know what his exact feelings are, but he’s never shown me anything other than support.”

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