Popular American actor Dustin Diamond was famously known for his role as Samuel “Screech” Powers in the Saved by the Bell franchise, but apart from his acting, he was battling with lung cancer, and unfortunately, on 1st February 2021, he died at the age of 44.

Since his sudden death caused a devastating loss to the industry, many people are worried about what kind of cancer he had been diagnosed with. So here we’ve covered his illness. Keep reading to know…

What type of cancer does Dustin have?

"Saved by The Bell" Star Dustin Diamond's Death Caused By a Rare Cancer

Dustin was diagnosed with stage four small-cell cancer, which is a rare type of cancer that spreads rapidly into the body with a minimal survival rate.

Small-cell lung cancer has just two stages: restricted disease, where cancer has not gone beyond the lung, and extensive disease, where it has disseminated.

Chemoradiation is a treatment that combines chemotherapy and radiation. A patient with a severe form of illness may require chemotherapy in addition to immunotherapy.

Stage four cancer is discovered after the disease has progressed and is frequently fatal. Prior to Dustin’s death, a source told Us Weekly that his cancer diagnosis was grim.

“He’s going through his treatments now,” a source told the newspaper. It’s difficult, really difficult. He’s in a lot of discomforts, yet he keeps his spirits up.” Diamond also had shingles, which is akin to chicken pox and creates highly painful sores all over the body.

How long Dustin Diamond was diagnosed with cancer?

"Saved by The Bell" Star Dustin Diamond's Death Caused By a Rare Cancer

Diamond was diagnosed with cancer after being brought to the hospital over the January 8 weekend. Diamond’s pal, Dan Block, verified his cancer diagnosis to The Sun.

Block exclusively reported that the actor was reluctant to get treatment sooner because people might make fun of the tumor on his neck. “Right now, we don’t know how serious it is or where it has gone,” Block told The Sun on January 14.

“I wanted to say something because there are people out there claiming it’s a scam – it’s not a hoax, Dustin is sick.”

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