Dick Smothers born Richard Remick Smothers is a very known and famous comedian, musician, and actor who rose to fame as a member of the famous comedy duo, The Smothers Brothers. Born on November 20, 1939, Dick Smothers earned a lot of fame and respect in the entertainment industry for his quick wit and musical talent.

Dick Smothers

He grew up in a family of musicians in New York City and Dick Smothers along with his younger brother, Tom Smothers developed a love and passion for music and comedy since the early days of their childhood. They performed folk music in a number of coffeehouses during the early 1960s.

Dick Smothers’ Net Worth

Dick Smothers, an American actor, comedian, and musician, had an estimated net worth of $1 million as of 2023. He has been in the industry for a few decades and had earned a lot of recognition for his work as one-half of the famous comedy duo, “The Smothers Brothers”.

Dick Smothers' Net Worth

They received a lot of success with their very famous television variety show, “The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour”, which aired from 1967 to 1969. Apart from being a part of the band, Dick Smothers appeared in various television shows and films which further contributed a lot to his overall wealth and helped him make his net worth a considerable one.

Dick Smothers: “The Smothers Brothers”

In 1967, the Smothers Brothers landed their own television variety show called “The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour.” The show quickly became a hit due to its innovative format and satirical take on current events and social issues.

Dick Smothers: "The Smothers Brothers"

They were very strong-headed since the start of their show and discussed various controversial topics including politics, war, and civil rights. All this earned them a lot of fame and respect but also created a lot of conflicts with CBS who were the network executives.

“The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour”

The Smothers Brothers were very open in their speech and discussed a lot of sensitive political issues on their show which sparked a lot of negativity for them. As the show became increasingly critical of the Vietnam War and supportive of countercultural movements, tensions with CBS executives escalated.

"The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour"

Ultimately, the network canceled the show in 1969 as a result of “creative differences”, The show’s cancellation created a lot of sparks and became a national controversy and debates were held about the freedom of speech of individuals.

Despite the setback, Dick Smothers continued to work in the entertainment industry and appeared in a number of television shows and films over the years. He showcased his acting skills in famous projects such as “Eight Men Out” and “The Informant!”, demonstrating his versatility beyond comedy.

Dick Smothers’ Achievements And Philanthropic Work

Dick contributed a lot to the upliftment of the comedy industry and earned a lot of accolades for their comedic acts and their groundbreaking television show, the Smothers Brothers. They earned an Emmy Award and also a star on the famous Hall Walk of Fame.

Dick Smothers' Achievements And Philanthropic Work

Dick Smothers has been involved in a number of philanthropic works and has extended his help to various charitable causes. He has supported organizations like the United Service Organizations(USO), which aims at supporting military personnel and their families.


Dick Smothers is a comedic legend who, along with his brother Tom, revolutionized television comedy with their unique blend of music and humor. His fearless approach to tackling controversial topics and his contribution to pushing the boundaries of censorship have left a lasting impact on the entertainment industry.

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