Twitter’s verification procedure, which is run by Elon Musk, has come under fire again when it unintentionally verified a pornographic account that claimed to be affiliated with Disney.

The @DisneyJuniorUK account has a gold verification badge, which is a sign that an official entity is legitimate on the social media platform.

However, it appears that the site thought it belonged after undergoing significant and contentious updates since being bought by Musk for $44 billion last year.

It comes days after the website removed the blue badges from all verified users unless they chose to participate in the subscription program Twitter Blue. This has given rise to worries that it would create significant problems with imitations of heavy users.

The account tweeted this morning, “No f way,” after finding they had won the gold badge.

The account has already been suspended, however, in a different tweet, they praised the rapper Kasher Quon from Detroit and used the hashtag #FuckThatN***aElon.

Controversy Over Twitter Verification Process Under Elon Musk's Oversight

A phony announcement that South Park would be joining Disney Junior, an American TV channel produced by the company that caters to youngsters between the ages of two and seven, is among the other tweets.

The complex practical joke appears to be the creation of Twitter user @7virtues_, who has thought about the potential legal repercussions from the media behemoth.

They wrote, “I’m not even joking when I say that Disney might truly screw my whole life up.

When approached by Rolling Stone UK, Twitter’s press staff automatically responded with a poo emoji. This unusual practice was instituted after Musk’s controversial layoffs nearly completely destroyed the site’s communications team. When Rolling Stone UK contacted Disney for a response, the company declined.

Since taking control last summer, Musk has overseen the contentious redesign of blue ticks and reduced the company’s personnel from 7,500 to an estimated 2,000 in an effort to reduce costs. When Twitter Blue launched in November 2022, it caused major impersonation problems as paying people pretended to be the account of a well-known celebrity using their ticks.

For instance, a Twitter account posing as former US president George W. Bush tweeted: “I miss killing Iraqis [sad face emoji].” The account also had a blue tick verification stamp to confirm it.

Controversy Over Twitter Verification Process Under Elon Musk's Oversight

Then, a bogus blue-tick account posing as former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair responded, “Same tbh [to be honest].”

Another bogus OJ Simpson account tweeted “I Did It,” alluding to his well-publicized acquittal of the 1995 killings of Nicole Brown and Ron Simpson. In a rare BBC interview earlier this month, Musk also discussed his experiences running the website, admitting it had been “painful” and that he frequently ends up sleeping in the business offices.

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Twitter’s verification process, overseen by Elon Musk, has faced criticism after mistakenly verifying a pornographic account claiming to be affiliated with Disney.

This comes days after Twitter removed blue verification badges from all verified users who did not participate in the subscription program Twitter Blue, leading to concerns about impersonation.

Musk’s controversial layoffs and redesign of Twitter have also been cited as issues. Twitter’s press staff responded to Rolling Stone UK’s query with a poo emoji, and Disney declined to comment.

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