The latest season of ‘The Bachelor’ has come to an end, with the finale being one of the ‘most controversial’ finales of all time. Clayton’s journey of finding love finally came to an end, but not without some serious drama.

On the finale night, the last two women, Gabby and Rachel, met Clayton’s family. But, Clayton could only think about Susie. Fortunately for him, Susie was still in Iceland. He confessed how he was ready to risk everything just to speak to Susie once more, to clear things up about their dissolving relationship.

Susie agreed to meet Clayton and after a brief introduction with his family, she excused herself from him to talk privately. She told him how humiliated she was after their fight and would need some time to think it through before giving their relationship a second chance.

Rachel and Gabby’s reactions

Clayton confessed to Gabby and Rachel that his heart belonged to Susie, which led to a group breakup. While Rachel all teared up, Gabby shook her head and stormed out of the room heavily disappointed.

Calyton with Gabby

Later on, during a live interview with the host Jesse, Gabby talked about how she had immense love for Clayton and he seemed to show genuine care for her too. So, with how things turned out, she felt betrayed and hurt. She felt as if she was misled by his actions. She just wished Clayton would’ve told her that he truly loved Susie.

After returning to the original scene, Clayton was slammed by Rachel on how he never fought for her and all the things she did for him to let her down. “I never gave up, I never stopped fighting for you,” she cried. “He didn’t shed a tear.”

Rachel was deeply hurt and felt like she was robbed. She also revealed that had no more feelings for him since let her down. She was expecting it to be her in the end, but then she realized that she could never love someone that treated her and Gabby like that. 

Rachel and Clayton

Susie and Clayton’s plans

Back in Iceland, Clayton was adamant about winning over Susie. He displayed his seriousness during his speech by holding a velvet box with a ring in it. He was sure that it was Susie whom he wanted forever.

Unfortunately, in a heartbreaking moment, Susie reveals she does not have enough love for him to marry Clayton. Clayton somehow felt like his actions were the reason he failed.

However, he later revealed that after the show he was approached by a mystery woman, the woman being Susie. They officially announced they were in a relationship months after they broke up.

Susie along with Clayton

Both of them took time and sorted out their differences. They tried their best to figure out how to make it work. Although no engagement took place, they are in a happy place in their relationship.

However, the couple announced their break-up in September, 2022.

What next?

With all the drama of the finale, it was time to announce the next bachelorette as per the show’s traditions. To everyone’s surprise this time there were two of them- Gabby and Rachel!

First time in the history of the show, it ended with two bachelorettes. The season finale is an adventurous visual treat.

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