Big Narstie also known as the grime master is a very known British rapper, grime artist, and mic controller from London. Born as Tyrone Lindo on November 16, 1985, Big Narstie is famous for his very distinctive and unique voice which made him one of the biggest and the most popular grime artists in the UK. He is really appreciated for his work and people love his work.

Big Narstie

Big Narstie was always a huge man with a heavy body and many of his fans worried about his health conditions because of his overweight body. He also shared his desire to lose weight and live a fit life physically. In the past few years, Big Narstie has worked a lot on his body and has done something which was never even imagined by his fans.

Big Narstie Weight Loss

Big Narstie’s weight loss journey was not an easy one and in 2020, he himself revealed that he has lost over 56 pounds in a time span of two months. He shared that it was not at all a sudden decision but was a shift or change in his mindset which encouraged him to improve his health and take his body more seriously.

Big Narstie shared that this weight loss of over 56 pounds was not shredded in just a couple of days but it was possible with a proper combination of honest and consistent exercise, intake of healthy food, and regular check of mental wellbeing. Big Narstie started his weight loss journey at a very low level away from the public eye and when he came out with a changed and transformed body, he was appreciated by the whole world.

Exercise A Part Of Big Narstie’s Everyday Life

Big Narstie shared that it was the best decision of his life to take care of his health and one of the biggest changes he did in his life was making exercise a part of his everyday routine. His routine was not an easy one and but he was very determined to improve his body and change for something better.

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He began his routine by doing light cardio like running, and walking, and gradually the intensity of the workouts increased. He even started incorporating weightlifting and strength training for muscle building and to take his fitness to the next level. Big Narstie shared that at first the workout used to kill him but slowly he started enjoying it which really created a positive impact on his mental health and it helped him to handle and manage stress and anxiety.

Big Narstie Music Career

Big Narstie’s career began in the music industry as a member of the grime collective N-Doule-A. It was the year 2012 that happened to be a turning point in his life when he received worldwide fame and national recognition for his debut single “Pin Therapy” featuring Ed Sheeran.

It was a great opportunity for Big Narstie and he received huge critical acclaim which in turn helped him to establish a respectful name in the music industry and people started recognizing him as a rising star in the grime scene.

Big Narstie Music Career

In addition to his music career, Big Narstie has also made a name for himself in the entertainment industry as a television personality. He has appeared on several popular TV shows, including “The Big Narstie Show,” “Celebrity Gogglebox,” and “Gogglebox.”

Overall, Big Narstie is a talented and multifaceted artist who has made significant contributions to the grime genre and the entertainment industry as a whole.


Big Narstie’s weight loss journey is not an easy one but it really inspires all those who struggle every day to make a positive change in their life. Big Narstie shared that everyone can do everything in life he/she has that firm determination and right mindset to bring amount a positive change in their lives. The journey is not always an easy one but if we believe in ourselves no one can stop us from achieving our goals.

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