Katie Price, also known as Jordan, is a British media personality, model, and businesswoman who rose to fame in the late 1990s and early 2000s as a glamour model. Throughout her career, Price has undergone several physical transformations, from her body shape to her facial features, which have sparked controversy and debate among fans and the media.

Katie Price

One of the most noticeable changes in Price’s physical appearance is her breast size. She first underwent breast augmentation surgery in 1998, increasing her cup size from a B to a C.

Katie Price’s Cosmetic Procedures

However, she later underwent several more surgeries, with her most significant transformation occurring in 2007 when she had her breasts enlarged to a 32FF cup size. This size was later increased to a 32G, but in 2014, she underwent another surgery to reduce her breast size to a 32B, citing health concerns and discomfort as the reasons for the reduction.

In addition to her breast augmentation, Price has also undergone several other cosmetic procedures. She has had multiple nose jobs, including a corrective surgery in 2008 to repair a deviated septum, and liposuction on her stomach, hips, and thighs. Price has also had Botox injections and dermal fillers to enhance her facial features, particularly her lips, and cheeks.

While some of Price’s physical transformations have been met with criticism and accusations of being “fake,” others argue that she has the right to make changes to her body as she sees fit. In an interview with The Sun, Price defended her decision to undergo cosmetic surgery, stating that she does it for herself and not for anyone else.

Know More About Katie Price Physical Transformation

Price’s physical transformation has also been a point of discussion in relation to her public persona and image. As a former glamour model, Price’s image was centered around her physical appearance, particularly her large breasts. However, as she has transitioned to other media ventures, including reality TV and fashion, her image has shifted to focus more on her business ventures and personal life.

Katie Price Physical Transformation

Despite her physical transformations, Price has been vocal about embracing her natural beauty and body positivity. In 2017, she posed for a nude photoshoot to promote body confidence and encourage women to embrace their bodies, regardless of their size or shape.

Katie Price Personal Life And Boyfriend

Katie Price, a British media personality and model, has been in a high-profile relationship with her boyfriend Carl Woods since 2020. Woods is a former Love Island contestant and car dealer, and the couple met through mutual friends. Since then, they have been open about their love and frequently share pictures and updates on social media.

In addition to their personal relationship, Woods has also been a source of support for Price, who has faced health challenges in recent years. While their relationship has faced some criticism and scrutiny from the media, the couple remains devoted to each other and continues to share their journey with fans.

Katie Price and Carl Woods


Katie Price’s physical transformation has been a topic of conversation throughout her career. While some may criticize her choices to undergo cosmetic procedures, Price has defended her decisions and emphasized that she does it for herself. As she continues to evolve and transition in her career, it will be interesting to see how her image and physical appearance continue to evolve as well.

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