Bella Hadid Strips Off for Sexy Amsterdam Mirror Selfie

Bella Hadid is causing quite a stir in Amsterdam. On Thursday, July 14, the 25-year-old supermodel took to Instagram to post a series of photos from her summer vacation in New York City.

Bella looked radiant in a topless mirror selfie, which you can see HERE, in which she covered her breasts with her right hand to hide them.

Even when she scribbled off her underboob with the paint tool on the platform, she still managed to show off her beautiful figure.

The hot summer day called for a slew of gold jewellery, so she opted for a loose updo and loose braids in her hair.

While sipping a beer on another slide, she wore braids and a selfie in a swimsuit while showing off her intensely emerald eyes.

Bella Hadid Strips Off for Sexy Amsterdam Mirror Selfie

A photo of Bella Hadid’s laptop against the city’s famously colourful architecture and another of a two-person bike riding by also captured the city’s vibe.

The words “broken and creative” appeared next to a picture of a street artist’s take on an abstract woman. The way I like them is this way.

As well as uploading pictures of her meals and the outside of a local delicatessen, the frequent Vogue cover girl appeared to be enjoying Amsterdam’s cuisine.

In an interview with Vogue, it was revealed that Bella has battled an eating condition in the past. That time in her life has left her unable to look in the mirror, she told a magazine in March.

A prescription for Adderall for probable ADHD triggered Bella’s anorexia as a teen, she has said.

Bella Hadid Strips Off for Sexy Amsterdam Mirror Selfie

A calorie-counting app is “like the devil to me,” she said to Vogue. My three raspberries and a celery stick would be all I’d need for a small meal.”

Now as I look back, I see that all I was doing was trying to regain some sense of control over myself during a time when I felt like I had none.

While this may not be surprising, Bella has become an internationally recognised supermodel thanks to her success in the field. She provided an explanation for this in the same interview.

Everyone has the right to express their opinions regarding the way she presents herself, communicates verbally, and conducts herself.

“However, in seven years, I never missed a job, cancelled a job, or arrived late for a job. They’ll never be able to say I’m not working my tail off.”

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