Epic Games has provided additional skin styles to outfits that have already been released in the Fortnite Item Shop at no additional cost to the user over the last few years.

This was far more common in chapter 1 and the beginning of chapter 2, but we’ve had a couple of skins get an extra style here and there in the last six months.

Epic may make minor changes to previously released cosmetics on occasion. We’ve seen changes to emotes and skins after they’ve been released, whether it’s an emote that allows players to dodge bullets easily or a skin that blends in with most environments on the Fortnite map.

beach jules before and after

There are fewer cases where Epic will simply change a cosmetic for no apparent reason, but that appears to be what happened with the Fortnite Beach Jules Skin in today’s 20.30 patch update.

Beach Jules Fortnite Changes

Beach Jules’ skin tone was adjusted by Epic to match Chapter two, Season three version of the outfit. As a result, Epic Games is allowing players to refund it without using up a refund token, but you must do so by June 2nd, 2022.

When players log in after the 20.30 update, the following message appears:

Why am I getting this message if I don’t own Beach Jules? Is the skin free of any impurities?

Unfortunately, Epic Games made a mistake, resulting in the above message being sent to every single Fortnite player. This has sparked speculation about whether the skin is free, or why players are receiving the message if they don’t have the skin.

Beach Jules is not a Battle Pass or free skin. As previously stated, this was sent to all players by mistake. Even if you claim the refund token, it will not work when you attempt to use it. If you never bought Beach Jules, simply ignore the message and the refund token.

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