Is it possible to establish a long-lasting connection with someone you don’t know? How challenging is it to change your ways and make concessions for your partner? Do arranged unions even endure? In “Married At First Sight,” relationship specialists pair together unfamiliar people in an effort to provide answers to these and other problems.

One of the most talked-about couples from the tenth season of the show was not actually matched with one another; instead, they started dating after splitting up with their matches.

Derek and Mindy were paired with Katie Conrad and Zach Justice, respectively. Yet, something caused another, and surprisingly, Katie and Zach got together for drinks after the season 10 filming was over.

The audience was intrigued by their romance thanks to their alleged interactions. Understandably, a lot of people must be questioning if their relationship has held up over time. Here’s everything we know about it, though!

Zach and Katie’s Married at First Sight Journey

Zach and Katie’s Married at First Sight Journey

Although Mindy and Zach and Katie and Derek were initially partnered, it quickly became clear that the experts should have coupled Zach and Katie because they got along really well following the season’s filming. But, Mindy and Zach were unable to develop a love connection.

They initially seemed content with the selection made by the experts, but they soon realized how challenging a marriage would be given the lack of similar interests. At the altar, the two made an effort to get to know one another and even grew close, but it was painfully clear that they didn’t click.

Even though Mindy and Zach did decide to give their relationship a try, nothing seemed to change after they got back from their honeymoon. Hence, when the newlyweds made the decision to go their separate ways, nobody was at all shocked.

Yet, they also thought that because Katie was more sober and grounded and Derek was more ambitious, Derek would be the best partner for Katie. Before starting the experiment, Katie was conflicted because of a past circumstance.

Hence, it appeared that in their position, opposites did not attract. Furthermore, finding common ground between Derek and Katie proved challenging. Experts advised them to find something they both enjoyed, but Katie found it hard to accept or support her new husband’s lofty ambitions.

The attention Derek lavished on his female co-stars infuriated her, and he believed that his wife was too preoccupied with her ex. As a result, the two frequently argued about these subjects.

After the reunion episode was filmed, Derek and Katie made an effort to repair their union, but it was not to be, and they were in the process of divorcing. Finally, it was revealed in the reunion episode that Zach and Katie had met up for drinks before moving on to something more romantic and beginning a relationship. But did the two manage to maintain the fire in their romance, or did it wane with time? Let’s investigate.

Are Zach and Katie Still Together?

Are Zach and Katie Still Together?

After dating briefly after filming wrapped for the season, Zach and Katie, unfortunately, called off their engagement. After realizing that their romance was not going anywhere, they broke up. Yet, the rationale behind their choice is unclear.

Zach and Katie have each apparently moved on with their lives and are doing well now. Zach may still be single, but he’s living a full and fulfilling life filled with the people and pursuits he loves.

Furthermore, Zach is an avid fitness blogger who we hope finds lasting joy in his fitness endeavors. Katie fell in love with Brandon Eaves after the two met through a dating app in the spring of 2020. The former ‘MAFS’ contestant engaged to Brandon in December 2020; they wed in the middle of 2021.

John Zachary Eaves, their first child, was born in August of 2022. It’s wonderful to see Katie and Brandon so happy together, and we want the best for them in the years to come.


“Married At First Sight” brings strangers together to explore whether love can conquer all. Zach and Katie, who found each other after the show, had a brief romance before calling it quits. They have both moved on with their lives, with Katie marrying and starting a family, while Zach focuses on his fitness endeavors.

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