The popular TLC series “I Love a Mama’s Boy” ended airing its third season in September 2022, and since then, viewers have been demanding more. I Love a Mama’s Boy is still quite popular with fans, so even if the channel hasn’t confirmed its return as of this writing, we may presume it is.

The reality show follows couples that cope with controlling mothers, as you would know if you watched the first season. Additional couples joined the returning cast members in later seasons, including Matt and Kim, who struggled to organize their wedding with Matt’s mother constantly present (via E! News).

Fans’ favorites Justina and Jason were the only pair to withdraw from the second round because they were having trouble organizing their own wedding since Jason’s mother, Annette, kept getting in the way. Jason and Justina had been together for five years, according to Distractify, when they first made an appearance on the program.

even have a daughter in common, Taylor. These two would have been happily married if it weren’t for Annette, but at the conclusion of the first season, things weren’t looking well. Celeb Dirty Laundry claims that when Justina eventually addressed Annette about her desire for a rural wedding, Annette refused.

Notwithstanding their objections, she persisted in having the wedding in Las Vegas. Where are Jason and Justina now, then? And have they been able to get married yet?

Jason and Justina Are Still Very Much in A Relationship

Jason and Justina Are Still Very Much in A Relationship

Jason and Justina are still engaged based on social media, even if they haven’t formally confirmed their engagement or at least haven’t posted any pictures from their big day. The Sun claims that as of 2021, the pair was still in the planning stages of their wedding. In the interim, not much appears to have changed. Additionally, Justina’s Instagram bio still states that she is Jason McClay’s fiancĂ©e.

Although they aren’t nearly as active as other reality TV stars, both individuals have continued to post joyful images of their personal lives since the show’s conclusion.

In March 2023, Jason posted a picture of some mountains with the caption, “fresh start. fresh home. Wonderful view,” to which a supporter replied, “You guys moved?? Your mother must be quite sad!” During their time on the show, the couple heavily pushed “I Love a Mama’s Boy,” but they haven’t brought it up since.

Is Annette Still Causing Problems for Justina and Jason?

Is Annette Still Causing Problems for Justina and Jason?

We’ll have to wait and see if Jason and Justina still have a problem with their mother. A fan’s reaction to a clip from “Your mother is actually doing all she can to destroy your wife’s experience on her wedding day,” the song “I Love a Mama’s Boy” observes.

She is so blatantly manipulative and vengeful, and I genuinely feel horrible for your wife.” When watching the show, it did seem as like Jason’s mother was ruining Justina’s special day.

Justina detested Annette’s insistence that Jason wears a crimson tux for the wedding in one episode (via Pop Culture). Jason’s mother informed Annette that when he stated he couldn’t wear the red suit, “That isn’t quite fair.

Yet she is free to dress however she pleases.” Maybe Annette isn’t purposely ruining Justina and Jason’s big day so they can finally be together forever.

Justina is still Jason’s life or death, though. His description for a photo of them together in October 2021 read: “My notion of happiness is being with you.” These two are obviously not being prevented from walking down the aisle by freezing feet.

The Real I Love A Mama’s Boy on TLC

The Real I Love A Mama's Boy on TLC

In general, love is able to overcome all obstacles, but in the case of TLC’s “I Love a Mama’s Boy,” it can be difficult when it comes to controlling mothers. This quirky reality show with a codependent twist follows four couples whose romantic relationships are plagued by one thing in common: a meddling mother.

Can these men really live happily ever after with both their mothers and their significant others? Or will they be forced to pick between the two women vying for their affection?

The drama from the mothers will undoubtedly make viewers cringe and giggle as they repeatedly step over the line in their kids’ personal life. We are here to watch it all play out on screen, and the mother-son duos seem to have no boundaries.

Regarding the love fest between these incredibly devoted sons and their mothers, TLC president Howard Lee said in a press release from 2020: “From outrageous family dynamics and culture clashes to jaw-dropping mother-son rituals, we know viewers will go crazy for this fresh new love and relationship series.”

The untold story of the mother-son tag teams, whose exceptionally strong bonds are making headlines and shattering hearts, is revealed here.


A reality TV program called “I Love a Mama’s Boy” explores the difficulties faced by couples as they attempt to deal with controlling mothers.

Notwithstanding the difficulties, the couples try to strike a balance between their mothers and their significant others. This show promises to be both cringe-worthy and hilarious with its bizarre family dynamics, cultural conflicts, and mother-son rituals.

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