Being low-key about your relationship is one thing, but being Anna Kendrick and Bill Hader about your romance is quite another.

This is what it means to “be so stinking beneath the radar that no one even recognises you’ve been dating until after your one-year anniversary.”

Since that is what Anna and Bill reportedly did, it comes as no surprise that when People revealed last weekend that they have been “quietly dating” for more than a year, everyone was taken entirely by surprise.

Join us as we attempt to create a timeline of Anna and Bill’s tiniest relationship.

October 2017: Anna and Bill Platonically film Disney’s Noelle

Noelle, a Disney+ holiday film that Anna and Bill starred in and began shooting in Vancouver in October 2017, is definitely where Anna and Bill first met as co-stars Anna Kendrick commemorated the beginning of filming with a v cute IG post.

Nobody became romantically involved on the Noelle set, according to a source for People Bill was still married to his now-ex-wife Maggie Carey at the time and Anna has been notoriously private about her love life for years.

The source for People said, “They dated for a while after the movie.” It was simple to keep it quiet because they are both very private people and the pandemic. Because they both have a contagious sense of humour, they must constantly make each other laugh. She is incredibly content.

July 2020: Bill Hader and Rachel Bilson Split

Bill Hader and Rachel Bilson Split

Bill’s The To-Do List co-star Rachel Bilson and he dated each other from late 2019 to the summer of 2020, when sources claim they chose to call it quits amicably. This was before his super-secret relationship with Anna.

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Sometime Between July 2020 and December 2020: Anna and Bill start “quietly Dating”

If Anna and Bill Hader have been dating for more than a year, as sources claim, then they have been together since at least December 2020, although we are unable to pinpoint the precise start of their relationship.

We don’t know anything about what made them fall in love, but given how funny both of them are and how their relationship has supposedly been fueled by their shared sense of humour, we can only guess they sent a number of witty/sexy emails.

A Comprehensive Look at Bill Hader and Anna Kendrick's Extremely Under the Radar Relationship's Timeline

The relationship between Anna and Bill has been ongoing. According to a source who spoke to Entertainment Tonight, “They truly enjoy each other and have the same sense of humour. It is obvious that they are both quite content in their union. Their relationship is organic.

January 20, 2022: Anna and Bill Quietly React to News Breaking that They’ve Been Quietly Dating

When queried about the connection, People said that “reps for both actors declined to comment,” which is obviously quite on-brand for their covert relationship. People broke the news that Anna and Bill were dating.

March 21, 2022: Anna and Bill Are “in Love.”

anna kendrick bill hader relationship timeline

According to a reliable source, “Bill and Anna enjoy spending time together and are deeply in love and a very happy couple.

They are content with how things are going and are not in a rush to be engaged.” Got it!

June 28, 2022: Anna and Bill Split up

A breakup between Anna and Bill has occurred, so I hope you didn’t get too attached. The couple has split up, at least according to a source who spoke to Entertainment Tonight and simply stated, “Bill Hader and Anna Kendrick have broken up.” Bummer!

anna kendrick bill hader relationship timeline

If and when further information on this ultra-secret love affair becomes available, we’ll update this post.

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