Internet sensation Amouranth was poised to make her boxing debut at Ibai Llanos’ La Velada del Año 3 on July 1, 2023. However, she recently took to Twitter on June 26, 2023, to share distressing news about her health, revealing a diagnosis of late-stage ovarian failure.


This unexpected development has forced her to cancel high-profile appearances, including the much-anticipated boxing event. In this article, we explore the details of the streamer’s health issues and her difficult decision to withdraw from the event.

A Shocking Revelation: Late-Stage Ovarian Failure and Complications

Amouranth, known for her privacy regarding personal matters, felt compelled to provide an explanation to her fans. In a series of tweets, she disclosed her diagnosis of late-stage ovarian failure, accompanied by other health complications. This revelation has shed light on the challenging circumstances she currently faces.

A Long Road to Diagnosis: Ignored Symptoms and Confusion

The popular streamer revealed that she had experienced various physical and mental symptoms over the past year, but she dismissed them as inconsequential. It was only through recent tests and procedures that her doctors discovered the late-stage ovarian failure. Sadly, her condition has been rapidly progressing, intensifying the urgency of her situation.

Amouranth’s Health Issues

The streamer shared that she received news about the severity of her diagnosis after already committing to participating in the La Velada boxing event. Originally, her plan was to delay treatment until after the event, hoping to overcome any unexpected symptoms.

However, due to “extreme medical developments,” immediate treatment has become necessary, involving daily injections for up to two weeks.

Apologies and Hope for the Future

Amouranth expressed her sincere apologies to her fans and anyone she may have disappointed with her withdrawal from the event.

Despite the setback, she maintains hope for the future and remains optimistic about the possibility of entering the boxing ring next year, contingent upon her treatment progressing positively. Her genuine remorse and positive outlook resonate with her loyal audience, who continue to support her throughout her journey.


Amouranth’s health issues, particularly her late-stage ovarian failure, have compelled her to withdraw from her highly anticipated boxing debut at La Velada del Año 3. Sharing her diagnosis and the need for immediate treatment has shed light on the challenges she is currently facing.

amouranth health

While expressing her apologies and hopes for the future, the primary focus remains on her health and recovery. We join her dedicated supporters in extending our well-wishes for a swift and successful recovery, and we look forward to seeing her back in action when the time is right.

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