In a heartfelt update, Alex Jones opened up about her husband Charlie Thomson’s journey with mental health, shedding light on his remarkable progress since last year’s revelation of his difficult period.

charlie thomson health

Charlie Thomson Health Update

The beloved host of The One Show and her insurance broker husband Charlie Thomson, who tied the knot in 2015 and have three children together, have weathered a challenging storm together.

charlie thomson health

During an interview on Gaby Logan’s podcast, Midpoint, Alex shared that Charlie Thomson has emerged from the shadows and is now in a much brighter place compared to a year ago.

She attributed his improved state to his newfound emphasis on maintaining a healthy diet. Cooking for their family has not only nourished their bodies but has also become a powerful source of solace for Charlie on days when he grapples with his mental well-being.

At the start of the year, Alex candidly revealed the heartbreaking transformation she witnessed in her husband as he battled with his mental health. Charlie Thomson’s struggle was compounded by his arduous fight against Lyme Disease and viral meningitis, which left him feeling like a mere reflection of his former self. Alex stood by his side, witnessing him come undone in the face of these relentless challenges.

Alex candidly revealed the heartbreaking transformation she witnessed in her husband as he battled with his mental health.

The One Show host said she has seen her husband of seven years “fall apart” and transform into a “shadow of himself” because of his health challenges.

She said: “It’s my husband’s own story to tell, so I won’t go into detail, but he suffers with his mental health, and we’ve just been through a really bad period where bless him, he had Lyme Disease and then he had viral meningitis. Lots of things happened recently.

“Charlie’s super fun, but he became a shadow of himself. He was so ill; he really went downhill fast mentally.

“And again, I found myself at a loss thinking, ‘Oh my God, I don’t know what to do here’. We all talk a good game, but do we actually know how to help people?”

The 45-year-old woman stated on the How To Fail podcast that while her spouse is “coming up the other side in peaks and troughs”, there was a time when she thought she was “losing him”.

She shared: “I thought I was losing him, as in not actually losing him. But I thought, ‘Oh my God, where is he? I can’t see him’.

“I was looking at him and I’m thinking, ‘I’m looking and hearing somebody who’s not my husband’.”

After their marriage in 2015, Alex and Charlie welcomed three beautiful children into their lives: Teddy, who is now five years old, Kit, who is three, and the youngest, Annie, who is 17 months old. Their growing family has brought them joy and also added to the complexity of their journey.

Alex and Charlie welcomed three beautiful children into their lives

During her conversation, Alex candidly shared the immense pressure she feels in maintaining stability at home while simultaneously supporting her husband through his health challenges. As the breadwinner of the family, she shoulders the responsibility of keeping everything running smoothly. Life admin, which includes managing daily tasks and responsibilities, has become her sole obligation.

On top of that, Alex must navigate the profound emotional toll of witnessing her beloved husband unraveling before her eyes. She bravely assumes the role of a mender, piecing together the fragments of his well-being, even though she may not always possess a comprehensive understanding of the best approach to help him heal.

The weight of these responsibilities can be overwhelming, and Alex’s honesty about her experiences sheds light on the complexities and difficulties faced by those who support loved ones struggling with mental health issues. Her vulnerability highlights the immense strength and resilience required to balance these demands while maintaining her own well-being.

In the face of these challenges, Alex’s determination and unwavering love for Charlie serves as a guiding light. She embodies the essence of a true partner, demonstrating compassion, patience, and an unyielding commitment to their marriage and family.

Alex’s honest reflection resonates with many who have faced similar circumstances, reminding us that the journey of supporting a loved one through mental health struggles requires not only courage but also a recognition of our own limitations and the need for self-care.

It is a testament to Alex’s character that she continues to navigate these challenges with grace, demonstrating the power of love and resilience within a partnership.

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