Alessandra Torresani has become a mother.

On Monday, June 20, she and husband Sturgis Adams welcomed their first child together, a daughter named Lady Francis, after 21 hours of labor, the Big Bang Theory star tells People.

There were some hard complications during my pregnancy, and labor (and delivery), but overall, our Lady is doing well and is cheerful and full of personality. Torresani is quoted as saying.

An adorable photo of her newborn daughter’s hand resting against her own was posted to Instagram by her mother. A bracelet that reads “Lady” is on the baby, while Torresani wears one that reads “Lady’s Mom.”

Francis is a treasured name on both sides of Torresani’s family, and she and Sturgis Adams wanted something “as unique as the experience we’ve had bringing her into this world so far,” according to Torresani.

As soon as I learned I was expecting, I began calling her my ‘Little Lady.'” A Little Lady Shower was held instead of a baby shower, she recalls. A lovely nickname that gave her some solidity because she never felt like an insubstantial “baby” inside me was all it was.

Then, after 21 hours of labor, during which time we danced to Frank Sinatra and Frankie Valli, we came to the conclusion that there was no other name for her than Lady! This is a word we might take for granted that she will redefine for us,” Torresani continues.

Announcing her pregnancy and dealing with bipolar 1 condition while pregnant, the EmotionAL Support podcast host revealed all to PEOPLE in May.

While speaking about her diagnosis with bipolar 1 illness at the age of 22, the actress said, “Volcanic eruptions inside my body” prompted her to begin taking medication.

As Torresani put it, “Medicine saved my life.” “And, I’ve been advised from the start that if I want to become a parent, I need to go off the wagon. In the back of my mind was the thought, “It’s risky. As a result, “I can’t have a child like this.”

Alessandra Torresani and her Husband Sturgis Adams Welcoming a Baby Girl

For the past 12 years, Alessandra Torresani had been taking lamotrigine but had to wean herself off of it since she was pregnant with her first child. She only recently learned that this was not the case and could have continued to take the drug she had been taking for 12 years.

A reproductive psychology specialist from Cedars-Sinai was interviewed by Torresani for her mental health podcast, EmotionAL Support, in March.

A statement from the actress stated, “And when I told how I wasn’t on my medicine, she was surprised.” “It was all quite perplexing to me. There are so many rumors and speculations floating around.”

For Torresani, three “terrifying” relapses of bipolar disorder occurred throughout her pregnancy, which she disclosed to PEOPLE.

Alessandra Torresani and her Husband Sturgis Adams Welcoming a Baby Girl

Emotional Support’s new season premiered in the third trimester of Torresani’s pregnancy; she was also interviewing specialists and nesting for the baby.

Dr. Torresani believes that all OBs should be familiar with the latest research on medication safety. There should be more from the medical community in order to ensure a healthy baby for me, I say.

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