Fans on Twitter have been sharing messages of empowerment after Cardi B mistakenly posted an explicit photo on her Instagram.

Rapper Cardi B caused quite a stir online yesterday (October 13) when she uploaded a nude shot to her Instagram Story. She nearly instantly deleted it after rapidly realizing her error, but not before fans had already seen it.

The picture has gained a lot of attention on social media, and Cardi has been the target of a tonne of criticism from individuals who mock the shape of her nipples and claim they don’t look “natural.”

In response to the stolen image, many Cardi B followers are opting to fight back against these derogatory remarks by disseminating messages of body positivity, empowerment, and body confidence.

These are the 15 best Cardi B nip slip responses ever.

Fan Reactions to Cardi B’s Nip Slip: 15 Best

Then Cardi B is making fun of herself for having typical boobs? Very bad.

Looking for something wrong with Cardi B’s genitalia.

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Everyone’s response when they realized Cardi was being made fun of.

The problem here is undoubtedly men.

observing how seriously everyone is complaining?

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People promote body positivity while giving women reasons to feel self-conscious.

This is how the individuals making fun of Cardi from behind their computer screens actually appear.

Have the courtesy to discuss women’s anatomy accurately, at the very least.

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Is there really no one who understands what a woman’s body looks like online?

Cardi B looks AMAZING.

Each and every female figure is lovely. End of.

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