This week, Blueface attacked the father of his girlfriend, but it wasn’t an unexpected attack; the man actually swung at the daughter’s boyfriend first, and it appears that he connected.

The video of the incident that everyone has been waiting to see has been obtained by the source. It is true security tape from Friday night in Baltimore, and it shows Blueface striking Chrisean Rock’s father, whose name is unknown, with a knockdown strike.

This is a completely different perspective than the crappy, blurry pictures of the aftermath that have been circulating online, which don’t actually catch or show anything clearly at all.

Uncertainty surrounds the events that led to this, but it appears that the rapper was visiting Chrisean’s extended family at the Four Seasons at 6:30 PM with a film crew present. This was after their passionate performance at NYFW.

In the video, you can see the couple engaged in a heated argument with a group of individuals who are most likely Chrisean’s children. At that point, a man in black approaches Blueface and delivers what can only be described as a sucker punch.

He seems to have grazed Blueface, causing him to stagger back, and a potential fight breaks out.

Blueface makes an attempt to swing back at the man but misses. But he wasn’t through yet; in the second half of our film, you can see Blueface charge that man (who is said to be Chrisean’s father) and eventually land his blows, hitting the man and knocking him to the ground.

Chrisean then acknowledged that the person Blueface attacked in retaliation was, in fact, her father.

Rapper Blueface Is Punched By Chrisean Rock's Father In A Video!

However, it appears that Chrisean is siding with her boyfriend in this dispute because she trashed her father in since-deleted tweets by calling him an abusive father and an absentee father.

Meanwhile, Blueface announced on his Instagram that he was Chrisean’s new father and appeared to be enjoying the entire episode. Police were reportedly called to the area, but by the time they arrived, people had dispersed. We have contacted Baltimore PD for information.

Even though they’ve been fighting one other recently, Blueface and Chrisean have been involved in violent acts before. It’s now oozing out somewhere else.

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