Since March 2020, the radio star and his wife Beth have had very little contact with the outside world.

The radio legend hasn’t really reintegrated back into society since the pandemic began in March 2020, despite going for daily walks and flying from one of his incredibly beautiful properties to another.

Howard is still pent up at home even though the majority of his friends, including his best friend Jimmy Kimmel, have discovered ways to return to “normal” as the severity of the disease lessens. In reality, he and his wife Beth haven’t spoken to anyone for years.

But Howard’s lack of reintegration into society isn’t just due to his fear of getting sick.

Howard Stern Does His Show From His Basement

Some of Howard Stern’s fans have been extremely irritated by the fact that he has been airing his popular radio show from his basement since March 2020. While many people applauded Howard for continuing his show throughout the lockdown, he faced criticism for not returning to his SiriusXM studio in New York City when he was given the go-ahead.

Howard didn’t enter his studio again while taking COVID measures, and he hasn’t either now that almost all limitations have been relaxed.

His program, which formerly thrived on workplace drama and insightful one-on-one celebrity interviews, has been significantly altered by this. Zoom still has moments of gold, but doing everything over simply doesn’t have the same impact.

Even when some of his employees are back at work, listeners are unable to hear their in-person back and forth. The closest they get is learning about staff gatherings outside of work. This contains the humorous recent event with the staff and Jason Oppenheim from Selling Sunset.

It is unknown if Howard and his co-host Robin Quivers would ever physically return to SiriusXM and reunite their team, but it is improbable.

Howard Stern Has Cut Himself Off From The World

Howard and his wife Beth totally cut themselves off from the outside world for the entirety of 2020 and most of 2021. They engaged in no social interaction, not even outside. Additionally, everyone who needed to enter their home for work had to undergo testing and/or wear hazardous suits. Howard, at least, claims this.

It is true that Howard has gradually become calmer. Most likely at the request of his charitable wife, who has been to a few events. only in a mask, though.

Howard has acknowledged seeing several family members and close friends on various shows at the end of 2021 and throughout 2022. But they’ve all happened outside or at his house. And visitors must pass a test in order to enter his house.

Jimmy Kimmel, Howard’s best friend, and his wife Molly asserted that they had to undergo two tests before being allowed to spend a few days at his home in the summer. They were also prohibited from leaving the property. If they did, they were not permitted to return since they might have been exposed to COVID.

Even Howard acknowledges that he has overreacted to his concern about reintegrating into society, even though the vast majority of people already have. Howard is aware that even if he gets sick, he will probably survive. primarily as a result of his numerous vaccinations. However, he claims that the prospect of contracting “long COVID” discourages him.

However, this isn’t the complete story.

Why Howard Stern Won’t Leave His House?

Howard refuses to return to the outside world despite multiple medical specialists, including his psychiatrist, urging him to do so. He has admitted to his audience that he intends to go outside once more, eat at a restaurant, and see more pals. But he continues to put it off.

On November 27, 2022, Jimmy Kimmel appeared on The Howard Stern Show and revealed the real reason why he is “unable” to leave his home.

Howard acknowledged, “For me, [COVID] is still ongoing, and I haven’t left my house.” I’m having trouble integrating myself.

Howard went on to remark, “Despite spending so much time behind bars, I still lack a COVID. I’m worried that I’ll be the a**hole to contract COVID and pass away. despite the fact that deaths don’t seem to be occurring as frequently.”

Jimmy replied, “You’re going to have to come out sometime,” as Howard disclosed the real reason he and his wife remain in seclusion.

When Howard stayed at home with his wife, he was “happiest.” “I dream about this,”

Howard is a well-known recluse. He relishes his alone. He adores his alone. As well as that, he enjoys spending time with his wife and kitties. He is only able to perform these actions thanks to COVID. He says he feels at ease wearing it.

With Robin and his wife Molly supporting him, Jimmy stated, “We’re scared that we’re going to lose you from society because the longer this goes on, the more comfortable you get in that tiny world. “And after that, getting out of it gets harder and harder.”

Howard remarked, “I love being imprisoned inside the house.

Jimmy retorted, “But it’s unhealthy.

Howard said, “F* it, I’m being a p**y, I know, but I’ll start leaving the house someday.

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