Melissa Joan Hart shuts the rumors of her beef with Lena Dunham.

On November 11, Friday, Melissa shared a post on her Instagram, where she clearly demonstrated that there is no beef between her and Dunham. she said that she was asked by her numerous friends about their “rivalry” with @lenadunham and she was totally confused.

“We have no “beef”, and as far as I remember we haven’t even had the pleasure of meeting let alone having enough of a relationship to warrant any time to discuss drag queens. Don’t let them get you with flashy links as they pretend to give you hot gossip that doesn’t exist.” The Drive Me Crazy actress wrote in the caption.

She continued: “I’m a fan of Lena’s work and all that she does to support females in our industry and hope to share a latte someday. Please be careful not to get caught up in the hateful rhetoric of these sites that promote division and spew crap to make a profit.”

The screenshot, which she posted reads, MJH has it out for Lema Dunham, they both have been frenemies for too long and they know each other very well because “Lena’s father was friends with the creator of Clarissa Explains It All” and that there was an alleged fight between gave the two about “Children’s Drag Queens”.

Despite all this drama, the 46-year-old actress is currently focusing on her three children Mason (January 2006), Braydon (March 2008), and Tucker (September 2012) with her husband Mark Wilkerson. She is worried about her sons growing up, “They’re getting huge,” she said to People.

Melissa Joan Hart Denies Rivalry with Lena Dunham, Says, "We Have No Beef"

She also stated that it will be a sad day for her sons when they start driving because it will mark the end of their childhood.

Melissa last appeared on the show No Good Nick, which premiered on April 15, 2019. However, she will be on Lifetime’s Dirty Little Secret, which premieres on Nov. 17. As she has acted in movies on Lifetime.

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