On January 6, Danielle’s selection as a new global ambassador for the opulent British fashion brand was formally confirmed by NewJeans’ agency ADOR.

The performer, who is 17 years old, is continuing the musical careers of her colleagues Hyein and Hanni, who have signed with Gucci and Louis Vuitton, respectively. The band announced on Instagram. They are managed by the HYBE-owned subsidiary label ADOR.

Danielle is shown posing with a purse from the upscale brand in a photo that was uploaded along with the announcement.

Danielle is one of Burberry’s first brand ambassadors, which is noteworthy given that the fashion business recently announced Daniel Lee as its new Chief Creative Officer. The designer, who garnered media attention while working at Bottega Veneta, will debut his runway presentation for the British heritage brand on February 20 as part of London Fashion Week.

NewJeans' Danielle Appointed As The Global Ambassador for Burberry

For those who are unaware, NewJeans made their debut in the summer of 2022 and quickly gained popularity with songs like “Attention” and “Hype Boy,” which have all received accolades from fans for their distinctive and energizing look.

Five people make up NewJeans: Hanni, Minji, Danielle, Haerin, and Hyein.

The female group’s most recent EP, “OMG,” was released on January 2, and it is now dominating both local and international music charts.

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