M.I.A. Is Unstoppable on Her New Single, “Beep”

The celebrity also unveiled the cover art for her forthcoming album, “MATA.”

The latest track from M.I.A.’s upcoming album MATA, “Beep,” has been unveiled along with the album’s cover image.

The song follows the recently released “Popular” in providing a preview of the upcoming album, which will be made available on October 14 through Island Records.

M.I.A. raps on the new song, “Next-gen transcend ladies and men/Bring a noise, make it count, yeah, do it again.” Never give up, never stop trying, and don’t fake. Tell a friend all the rules you’re about to break.

A photograph of the internationally acclaimed and boundary-pushing artist wearing a silver crown of thorns appears on the cover of MATA. The image is encircled by technicolor, kaleidoscopic design, and her stage name is inscribed in silver on top.

She boasted: “Yeah, love me as I love me, love me/Suddenly it’s about me, about me/Now you want to be around me, ’round me/’Cause I love myself, I’m livin’ my best life/’Cause I love myself, I’m livin’ my best life/’Cause I love myself, I’m livin’ my best life” in the song “Popular,” which featured

With the song “The One,” her first offering under her new contract with Island Records, M.I.A. previously introduced MATA. The artist also discussed the upcoming album with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe at the time.

She stated, “I feel like there’s a little bit of a war on the record. There is a slight conflict, but it’s between your ego and your spirituality. These conflicts arise because, in order to be a musician, you must have some ego. Additionally, the musical genres are all pretty much similar and egocentric.

M.I.A. elaborated on her multifaceted approach to the album, saying that it shows several aspects of her. I found it difficult to get go of my Tamil side. I believe that is the reason why 50% of the record is in a similar vein. since I am still me.

She remarked, “Like, that’s still my lingo. And those are still my tools for producing beats or sounds similar to that, you know. However, I believe the message was just to find a tranquil spot.

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