With geometric patterns, Julia Roberts demonstrates how to bring colour to a black suit.

Even at the age of 54, Julia Roberts understands how to look chic and put together while still being loyal to herself. Because of this, it serves as a fashion guide for many ladies over 50 who prefer to dress traditionally yet with a modern twist. The way he uses geometric shapes to add colour to a black garment is the ideal illustration of this.

“Many ladies choose black when they are unsure of what to wear to gatherings, events, or meetings.

According to designer and stylist Nacho Herdt, “It is a hue that fits perfectly with both dresses and jumpsuits; they are the perfect wild cards since they are the most reliable to use in the day or at night, making the appearance look elegant and neat.

Julia Roberts chose a Burberry-branded outfit that had a long skirt paired with a blouse and blazer.

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However, there are situations when wearing black could help you blend in more if you want to have a more conspicuous appearance. In similar circumstances, it is worthwhile to take inspiration from Julia Roberts’ appearance, which adds a splash of colour in a fresh and youthful style.

The Pretty Woman actress chose an outfit from the brand Burberry, which includes a long costume skirt, a shirt, and a jacket, all of which are patterned with a broad diagonal stripe in a fashionable shade of pink or orange.

“A costume can be made from this kind of print in brilliant colours.” Break away from the norm. Including colour and straying from neutral tones is a great alternative. A monochrome style can be greatly enhanced by adding modest accents of colour, advises the stylist who offers individualised guidance.

It’s also crucial to realise that people will focus their attention on the region where the colour is applied. In Julia’s case, the vibrant print is added as an accent to the top of the outfit, drawing attention to her stunning grin,” she explains. Herdt.

The classic black ensemble is given a unique twist by the diagonal stripe in current hues like pink and orange.

Applying colour details when you wear a single neutral colour from head to toe is a great tool, according to the fashion guru. “I usually advise the customers I work with to choose accessories, such as purses and shoes, if they dress entirely in black, white, or denim,” says the stylist.

It is advised to wager on jewellery sets of earrings and necklaces made of metals from bijouterie. In this manner, the accessories will assist you in enhancing your appearance and adding more colours so that the proposal makes you stand out.

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