It seems like fans really want the television music competition franchise “The X Factor back.

Famous TV personality Simon Cowell has his say about the show, he said that U.S. networks are interested in bringing back the singing competition.

Fox was the network that carried The X Factor US throughout its run in the United States, which lasted for a total of three seasons (2011-2013). The second season of the show, which did not last for too long on television, established the famous girl group “Fifth Harmony.”

However, after a decade, Simon recently gave an interview to The Sun, during which he revealed that television networks in the United States had shown interest in bringing back the competition.

Cowell didn’t speak too much about the U.S. version of The X Factor, but he revealed the U.K. version would “more likely than not” have a comeback in 2024. The U.K. version was first aired on 4 September 2004, but since 2018, the program has not been broadcasted. The OG version of the show discovered acts like Leona Lewis, Little Mix, and One Direction throughout 15 seasons.

He said: it’s strange, though, because whenever I run into a group of young people on the street, all they want to know is when the next season of X Factor will start, they all watch it on YouTube. When we stopped the show, I genuinely thought there was no need for it that everyone would be signed from YouTube. But there are so many people wanting to be signed that we could use that extra platform.”

Is the US "X-Factor" Returning? Simon Cowell Says the UK Version Will Return in 2024!

The 63-year-old judge said that he “would only do it again” if The X-Factor returns “to where the show started” and find “some great people and create those TV moments that live forever.”

“There would have to be a genuine opportunity to make it how it was in the early years, and I would only do it with someone who was genuinely enthusiastic about it,” he added. “I would also bring back the managers and the A&R [artists and repertoire] people instead of having artists judge the talent because I don’t think that’s great.”

Cowell also said that he “would like to do more mentoring” if plans to bring back The X-Factor fail.

“If X Factor doesn’t come back, I won’t be looking for other shows to appear on. I don’t want to be just a TV personality,” he explained. “The idea of The X Factor not being on, so I go on a game show… I think I’d jump off a cliff. I genuinely can’t think of anything worse.”

Well, Simon Cowell is still making regular appearances on television in his roles as executive producer and judge on the talent competition shows America’s Got Talent and Britain’s Got Talent.

What are your thoughts on the possibility of a revival for The X-Factor in the United States? Let us know in the comments section…

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