This year’s Halloween celebrations have officially begun, and there has been no shortage of elaborate costumes seen on Hollywood’s A-list.

Our favorite stars haven’t let us down this Halloween with their terrifying ghouls and garish ghosts.

As the scariest time of the year approaches, there is truly something for everyone out there, from witches and knife-wielding killers to princesses and ballerinas.

Check out some of the most creative and daring costumes worn by American celebrities on Halloween 2022.

1. Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian as Mystique from X-Men as Halloween 2022.

Kim Kardashian, age 42, painted her body blue and stuffed her curves into a blue bodysuit to portray Mystique from the X-Men.

2. Kylie Jenner

kylie jenner Halloween Makeup Celebrity 2022

The creator of Kylie Cosmetics sported three spectacular ensembles. By first wearing several outfits inspired by the 1935 film The Bride of Frankenstein, including a custom-made gown by Jean Paul Gaultier and designed by Glenn Martens, she paid tribute to the film.

3. Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker

Best Halloween Makeup Celebrity 2022

Kourtney and Travis serve as Halloween’s patron saints. 

We look forward to seeing the goth couple outfit they’ll do the following year.

4. Cardi B as Marge Simpson

With a stunning Marge Simpson costume for Halloween, Cardi B elevated The Simpsons to a whole new level! On October 31, the 30-year-old “Bodak Yellow” rapper posted a steamy image of TV’s favorite cartoon housewife to Instagram, replete with a seductive green corset bodysuit.

Cardi tagged the photos with a blue heart emoji and the statement “Ms.Marge Simpson” for her 142 million fans. Cardi was dusting off a Grammy award with a cartoon background while sporting a green, off-the-shoulder corset, enormous red pearls, red platform stilettos, and a towering blue wig.

5. Chloe Bailey Debuts Lola Bunny ‘Space Jam’ 

One of the numerous A-list celebrities who could fully inhabit her role was Chloe Bailey. The Grammy-nominated singer recently posted a video to TikTok in which she can be seen costumed as the Lola Bunny cartoon character from Looney Tunes.

Bailey captioned the most recent post with the phrase “Don’t ever call me dollllll,” along with a kiss emoji.

6. Lizzo as sexy Miss Piggy Halloween

hemlata LS Controversy Illness 2022 11 01T133201.573

This year, Lizzo’s Halloween outfits were “Good as Hell.”

The 34-year-old recreated one of the character’s well-known photo campaigns from the 1980s on Instagram on Monday to pay homage to her “lifetime icon,” Miss Piggy.

“A homage to Miss Piggy, my all-time hero, who is the picture of elegance, style, and self-assurance as well as a champion of love. Lizzo commented, “@realmisspiggy I love you,” next to seductive images of herself posing in a nude bodysuit holding a fake snake.

The “Truth Hurts” singer during the weekend wore three more mind-blowing costumes, including a dead-on Marge Simpson getup. In addition to dressing as a Muppet.

The singer covered herself in yellow body paint, a towering blue wig, a green sequined outfit, a red necklace, and matching heels to transform into the “Simpsons” matriarch.

Lizzo’s cartoon-inspired costume was a huge success, but some fans might not have understood her other two outfits.

7. Janelle Monáe As the Alien Diva

The eight-time Grammy Award winner showed off her look alongside a number of other celebs.

Monáe posted two videos to Instagram in which she can be seen wearing the Diva Plavalaguna costume from the cult classic movie “The Fifth Element,” which stars Bruce Willis, Chris Tucker, and Milla Jovovich and features blue skin and head-to-toe tentacles.

A skintight latex top was also something the “Hidden Figures” actress wore. The turtleneck shirt featured a curved hemline and long, fitting sleeves with black cuffs. The outfit was worn by Monáe with a long skirt with curled ends.

“DIVA PLAVALA GUN A The multi-hyphenate entertainer captioned the post, “Just warming up & singing an obvious fav.

On social media, Monáe and her outfit quickly gained attention as users reminisced about the movie and, of course, the distinctive singing stylings of the Diva Plavalaguna.

8. Halle Bailey as Neytiri From “Avatar

Singer and Little Mermaid star Halle Bailey receives praise for her Na’vi Halloween outfit on the Avatar social media pages.

The official social media accounts for James Cameron’s record-breaking film franchise gave their blessing to The Little Mermaid actress Halle Bailey’s Avatar-inspired Halloween outfit.

In a series of images posted on Twitter, Bailey, who will play Ariel in Disney’s upcoming live-action remake of the 1989 animated feature, revealed her Halloween attire. She and her boyfriend, rapper DDG, were dressed as the Na’vi from 2009’s Avatar.

Bailey tweeted, “[I] always wanted to be an avatar.” Happy Halloween, please. Avatar’s official Twitter expressed its approval of the couple’s costumes in response to Bailey’s tweet. The tweet said, “[W]e’re thrilled to have you as part of our world.”

9. Kendall Jenner

For Halloween 2022, Kendall Jenner embraced her inner horse girl and dressed as a seductive Jessie from “Toy Story” to celebrate over the weekend. However, some people weren’t fans of the sexual costume due to its bare flesh.

Jenner, 26, captioned a series of pictures of her outfit with a quotation from the Pixar character: “Well aren’t you just the sweetest space toy.” She was sporting a giant red hat, a cropped shirt in the Western style, cow-printed chaps, and denim briefs.

Some of the remarks on her Instagram, meanwhile, weren’t as complimentary.

It’s a family film. WHY?!?” exclaimed one person. Another person remarked, “Oh, are we now sexualizing children’s animations?” Several commenters claimed the model “ruined” the kid’s movie.

Let’s take a classic kids’ movie and make it look like a XXX movie, another user joked, adding, “This is a lot for my childhood memories to comprehend.”

10. Sean “Diddy” Combs’ As Joker

Sean “Diddy” Combs, who transformed into the Joker and was essentially impossible to distinguish this year, is the one celebrity that took their Halloween costume very seriously.

On October 30, as he unveiled his appearance, he commented on Instagram, “Hello dear friends, I’m the Joker.” “I’m taking over Halloween! Hahahaha.”

While several A-listers have played Batman’s adversary on screen and in television over the years, Heath Ledger’s portrayal of the Joker in The Dark Knight, for which the late actor received a posthumous Oscar, seemed to influence Diddy. Diddy perfectly embodied the Gotham villain, down to the purple costume, the laugh, and the green hair and makeup.

In fact, so many people were astonished by Diddy’s metamorphosis that they couldn’t believe it when they saw him; Tyler, The Creator praised his “top tier” costume, while Kim Kardashian said the music mogul “never broke character” when she saw him at a Halloween party.

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