American football quarterback Deshaun Watson is suffering from another sexual misconduct lawsuit in Texas as a woman has filed an accusation against him.

It is the 26th lawsuit filed against the suspended Cleveland Browns quarterback. The woman claimed that he pressured her into giving him oral sex during a 2020 therapy session at a Houston-area hotel.

In a recent complaint submitted in Harris County, Texas, Watson was accused of sending the woman a direct message on Instagram offering her a massage in a hotel room in Texas in December 2020.

The therapist, who was completing work from home during Covid, claims that she and Deshaun decided to meet at The Houstonian, a nearby hotel.

According to reports, Watson “repeatedly coerced [the plaintiff] into massaging¬†his private area” before “removing his towel” and “offering to let her ‘get on top.’

The therapist, whose hourly rate is $115, claims the quarterback gave her $300.

According to the lawsuit, the woman asserts that her interaction with Deshaun is to blame for her “suffering from extreme sadness and anxiety.”

Deshaun Watson Accused of 26th Lawsuit as Plaintiff Claims Browns Qb Forced Her Into Sex

According to Anissah Nguyen, the lawyer for Doe, “My client’s experience with Deshaun Watson follows a sequence of eerily similar incidents documented by more than 20 women who have filed suit against the NFL superstar,” she said in an ESPN interview.

“Like so many others, my client spent almost two years fighting to cope with the shame and trauma from everything he has stolen from her and the everyday pain that has become her reality,” the author writes.

“Knowing her story will bring on the hard conversations, criticism, and even victim-blaming, the strength, and bravery of these other women gave my client the courage to stand up and speak out. She seeks justice not only for herself and her own healing, but for the more than 20 women who refused to be shamed into silence, and the victims who have yet to come forward.”

Just days after being given permission to rejoin the Browns’ practice, Watson filed a complaint that is not included in the list of cases he has settled without a trial. The prior accusations against the quarterback resulted in an 11-game suspension for Deshaun. NFL star was even penalized Additionally, he was subject to a ¬£4.45 million fine and a required treatment plan.

The other two ladies did not opt to sue Watson but instead lodged criminal complaints against him. Thirty women who either filed lawsuits or were ready to do so against the NFL organization were settled with by Watson’s former team, the Houston Texans.

The Texans reportedly set up Watson’s massage appointments in a Houston hotel room, which is where many of the alleged offenses might have occurred, according to The New York Times. Watson continues to maintain his innocence despite all of the agreements reached and the ongoing legal actions.

In August, Watson stated, “I’ll continue to stand on my innocence; you know, settlements and stuff like that don’t mean that a person is guilty of anything.” “I believe that everyone has the chance to assert their innocence and demonstrate it, and we did so in a legal sense. We will just keep moving forward as an individual and as a human.”

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