Before the start of the opening match of the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar, spectators were left speechless by an iconic picture of two of the game’s giants.

On Saturday night, November 19, an American portrait photographer Annie Leibovitz clicked a picture of Messi and Ronaldo sitting together in a room, which went viral on Instagram after being posted.

However, a lot of people are confused as to why two of the game’s biggest rivals, Messi and Ronaldo, are seated amongst themselves in a room, did they actually meet with each other? So here we’ve covered your all answers about the post. Keep reading to know…

What Was the Real Reason Behind the Messi-Ronaldo Iconic Picture?

The real reason behind this rare photograph of Messi-Ronaldo playing chess was a Louis Vuitton advertisement. Interestingly, the two were not in the same room for the shoot.

According to a video posted by Louis Vuitton on their social media handles, which was further deleted, seen that Leibovitz was clicking photographs of both Ronaldo and Messi separately.

So the above legendary picture that you’ve seen was possibly photoshopped or was a stunt for gaining attention before the FIFA World Cup 2022.

Messi and Ronaldo talked about their proudest moments as international soccer players in the video. Both Messi and Ronaldo will be playing in their fifth World Cup.

Messi says that winning the respect of the people of Argentina was his most memorable win.

And Ronaldo adds, “When I won my first title with the Portugal national team.”

What Was the Logical Reason Behind Using a Chess Trunk?

Many people wondering that why was a chess trunk used in this photo, well, only a chess player can analyze such a genius trick behind this photo. But don’t worry we’ve got the answer.

The iconic picture of two of the game’s rivals, Messi and Ronaldo collided with a picture of a match between the two greatest world-class chess players, Carlsen (white) and Nakamura (black) from the Norway Chess 2017, which ended in a draw after a great fight.

Since the picture seems quite relatable to both the greatest chess players sitting next to each other, many football fans are speculating, what if they see a Messi-Ronaldo clash in the finals of the FIFA World Cup 2022, and similarly if the game ends in a draw.

Is the Messi-Ronaldo Chess Photo the Most-Liked Instagram Post?

No, according to the list of most-liked Instagram posts, @world_record_egg holds the record of most-liked posts on Instagram with whooping 55.8m likes.

However, Ronaldo’s posted photo has gathered 32.8m likes within just a day, becoming the second most-liked photo on Instagram. Meanwhile, the Portuguese superstar is the most-followed person on Instagram (499m), so it’s not a big deal for him to break such records.

While on the other hand, Leo Messi’s post has gained more than 25m likes on his post. The 35-year-old footballer captioned his post writing: “Victory is a State of Mind,” which received a lot of heart emojis from his beloved ones.

Considering the fact that both of them have a huge number of fans all around the world, it would not be surprising if one of them managed to break this record.

Final Words

Unfortunately, this will probably be the last world cup for both Cristiano and Leo and will mark the end of an era, but the legacies that they both have built in the sport will definitely be unmatchable for sure.

Fans will definitely pray for a Messi vs Ronaldo faceoff in a FIFA World Cup final, and if this happens, then a lot of viewership records will break on that fantastic day, and we can’t even imagine how crazy it’s going to be.

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