Britney Spears has allegedly replied to headlines about her public meltdown… but it’s as perplexing as her odd conduct at the restaurant.

The pop artist turned to Instagram on Saturday and shared an artwork of a lovely woman with sunglasses seated at a little table with her handbag on top. “They told me I couldn’t that’s why I did!” wrote in the caption.

A few hours later, Britney shared an Instagram video of herself dancing to music while repeatedly flipping the bird. Clearly, she was misbehaving as she was showing a middle finger in the video.

TMZ broke the story… Britney and her husband, Sam Asghari, dined at JOEY in the San Fernando Valley on Friday night.

Patrons recognized her and began recording her, which pushed her over the brink. According to eyewitnesses, Britney began becoming “manic,” shouting and babbling incoherently.

Sam couldn’t handle it any longer and rushed out of the restaurant. TMZ received a video of Britney sitting alone at the table, speaking in what onlookers characterized as “jiberish.”

Britney left the restaurant with her security, who had to return to pay the bill.

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