Jessie J is recognized as an unconventional musical and performance style that mixes soul vocals with contemporary R&B, pop, electropop, and hip-hop beats. Though she has done a lot in her career and is very versatile in her field.

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Apart from her career, she is also very famous for her dating her and was also in the headlines for her recent miscarriage. To know more about whether she is currently dating or having any love interest read the information down below and let’s spill the tea!

Jessie J’s early life

Jessica Ellen Cornish, known professionally as Jessie J, is an English singer who was on born March 27, 1988 (34 years old) and raised in London, she began her career on stage, aged 11, with a role in the West End musical Whistle Down the Wind.

She has received various accolades throughout her career, including the 2011 Critics’ Choice Brit Award and the BBC’s Sound of 2011.

Jessie J’s net worth

Jessie J is an English singer-songwriter who has a net worth of $30 million. She has been in the music and entertainment industry since she was 11 years of age and she has been doing great in her career till now.

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Jessie J social media life

Jessie J is active on her social media and is seen posting a lot about her life and she recently shared her pregnancy news few months after her terrible miscarriage.

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She shared the post with a very emotional caption and everybody congratulated her and supported her in her beautiful process.

Jessie J’s dating history

Jessie famously had an on-again, off-again relationship with Channing Tatum from 2018 to 2019. They briefly reunited in January 2020 before calling it quits for good in the spring of that same year.

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They both were very much on the internet and were seen catching up.Though people were confused if the couple were still together but no confirmed news was given from the couples’ end unit l2020 when an official statement was passed.

It was announced Channing and Jessie J’s relationship ended after the pair had ‘different priorities’. A source revealed there ‘wasn’t any drama’ between Tatum, 39, and Jessie, 31 and that ‘they just decided to part ways and were still good friends’.

They went their separate ways in 2020. They went their separate ways in 2020.

Jessie J went through a lot but is now happy

Jessie J went through a lot be it the breakup with Channing Tatum in 2020 or having a terrible experience of miscarriage in 2021.The singer handled every problem with a lot courage and was never seen crashing down.

Just after her miscarriage, she appeared for The Voice without taking a break and was also seen saying that it was a very difficult time for her and just in the most morning I was giggling with my friend asking her how would I go on stage in this condition and in the afternoon I was told that my baby lost the heartbeats.

Even after so much pain the ‘Domino’ singer is happy now and is pregnant with her first baby.

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Also, it is speculated that the singer is dating Chanan Colman.They both were seen together at many instances.

In April last year, Jessie confirmed she was in a new relationship with basketballer Chanan Colman as they kissed on a lunch date in LA, which came months after her miscarriage.

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