In a poignant turn of events, Anthony Daniels, the actor synonymous with the iconic C-3PO in Star Wars lore, is parting ways with a galaxy of memories. The luminary’s cherished collection, spanning over four decades of intergalactic adventures, is set to find new homes through an auction organized by Propstore, renowned specialists in movie memorabilia. The auction, scheduled for next week in Los Angeles, promises enthusiasts a chance to own pieces of Star Wars history.

Anthony Daniels, the Heart Behind C-3PO, Bids Farewell to Galactic Treasures

Among the coveted treasures is the luminous headpiece worn by Daniels in the 1983 classic Return of the Jedi. A dazzling ensemble of faceplate, backplate, and neck-ring, this screen-matched artifact is poised to fetch between $500,000 and $1 million. Yet, behind the glitz and glamor lies a sentimental tale—the headpiece, a symbolic mask for Daniels, has been his identity in countless interviews. As he contemplates parting with it, he admits to a momentary hesitance, a wavering resolve that underscores the emotional attachment to these artifacts.

“I had all this stuff, almost all of it was in cupboards, drawers, and in attics. Nobody was looking at it, nobody was treasuring it, if you will. And it was too good to throw away,” confesses Daniels from his home in England. The auction transcends a mere transaction; it’s a farewell to companions who have been with him for 50 years, prompting introspection and a blend of conflicting emotions.

Anthony Daniels, the Heart Behind C-3PO, Bids Farewell to Galactic Treasures

This auction marks the culmination of Daniels’ decision to part with his memorabilia, the second and final installment after a London auction last November. It’s a rare chance for avid collectors, given that Daniels is the sole major Star Wars actor openly selling his memorabilia. Unlike the 2023 episode involving the late Peter Mayhew’s belongings, Daniels opted for auction over inheritance, a decision encouraged by his wife, Christine Savage, who pragmatically suggested, “Why don’t you sell it now?”

Amidst the vast array of artifacts, Daniels retained two items, each holding unique significance—a Lucasfilm statue honoring his 40 years of service and an 18-inch C-3PO statue crafted from Legos. The rest, ranging from annotated scripts to quirky items like a C-3PO Igloo cooler and unworn R2-D2 Adidas jogging shoes, are up for grabs.

As Daniels flips through the auction catalog in the quiet evening of London, memories surface like an X-wing rising from a swamp. The tales behind the lots, such as salvaging sockets and tubes from the Millennium Falcon, add a layer of narrative richness to the auction.

Anthony Daniels, the Heart Behind C-3PO, Bids Farewell to Galactic Treasures

In a surprising revelation, Daniels shares his horror at witnessing parts of the Millennium Falcon being burned after the completion of Return of the Jedi. His impromptu decision to rescue some pieces echoes the lack of foresight regarding the future of Star Wars at that time.

The auction isn’t just about the grandeur of movie props; it’s a glimpse into the actor’s journey, punctuated by anecdotes like chairbacks being useless for Daniels, who never sat down while in costume, and C-3PO belt buckles being more trophies than functional accessories.

Amidst the galactic memorabilia, a seemingly random inclusion—a signed Pittsburgh Penguins hockey jersey—comes with a tale of charity and an unexpected Zamboni ride. Daniels reflects on the novelty of the experience, juxtaposing it with his hesitation to attend another hockey match.

The auction also features quirky items, like an Empire Strikes Back set security badge with a humorous tale of the producer being denied entry due to a missing badge. Daniels’ recollection, punctuated by laughter, adds a touch of behind-the-scenes charm to the artifact.

Anthony Daniels, the Heart Behind C-3PO, Bids Farewell to Galactic Treasures

One of the more bittersweet items is a gingerbread cookie received as a parting gift during the shooting of The Last Jedi. Given the whimsical nature of the gift, Daniels couldn’t help but draw parallels with Mark Hamill’s similar experience. The cookie, an unconventional keepsake, symbolizes the camaraderie shared on set.

As Propstore’s entertainment memorabilia auction approaches on March 12-14, with the Anthony Daniels Collection hitting the stage on March 13, fans and collectors alike eagerly await the opportunity to own a piece of Star Wars history and bid a fond farewell to the man who brought C-3PO to life on the big screen.

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