As a result of his antisemitic remarks, Kanye West is losing his endorsement deals with all of the brands he has worked with, as well as his lawyer. It is projected that Ye’s wealth and corporate revenues will suffer as a result of the growing number of brands that are distancing themselves from the West.

People are interested in learning about the various well-known brands that Kanye West has severed ties with after he made a series of antisemitic remarks and embraced a slogan that is associated with white supremacists. Because of this, we have compiled a list of the brands that Kanye West has severed ties, so keep reading to learn more about them.

List of Brands that Broke Ties After Kanye West’s Antisemitic Comments:


All The Companies That Cut Ties With Kanye West

Following weeks of pressure to dump Ye, the sportswear company terminated relations with him on Tuesday.

Since Ye threatened to “Go death con 3 on JEWISH PEOPLE” in a tweet, Adidas has been reevaluating its relationship with him.

The business declared on Tuesday that it will immediately stop doing business with Ye.

“Adidas does not accept any hate speech, including antisemitism. According to a statement from the German corporation, Ye’s recent words and actions have been disrespectful, hostile, and dangerous. They also go against the company’s values of diversity and inclusion, mutual respect, and justice.

Adidas projects that the loss of this agreement will cost it $248 million in net income this year. According to an expert who spoke with The Post, his Yeezy line made an estimated $2 billion annually, or around 10% of Adidas’ total sales.

Ye and Adidas formalised their alliance in 2016 after two years of success with the Yeezy brand. The collaboration was described as the “biggest significant alliance ever forged between a non-athlete and an athletic brand” by Adidas in its announcement at the time.

Ye was heard saying: “I can say antisemitic stuff and Adidas can’t dump me” on archival video from a “Drink Champs” episode that was recorded in the first part of October. Now what?


According to several news reports, the fashion house left Ye right before the weekend. He had collaborated with the French business to design a range for Gap.

The Post contacted Balenciaga for comment, but they did not answer right away.


The Times reported on October 24 that Ye’s contract with the talent agency CAA had been terminated because of his recent anti-Semitic outbursts during a number of interviews. Since joining CAA in 2016, the rapper had only used them to represent him when on the road.

Ari Emanuel, the CEO of the talent agency WME, made a separate request for Spotify and Apple to deplatform West. He asked Parler not to sell the platform to the artist and demanded that Adidas stop its partnership with Ye.

Emanuel stated in a Financial Times opinion post published on October 19 that those who do business with West “are giving his misdirected anger an audience.” “Anti-Semitism from the West should not be tolerated anywhere,”

Thorpe & Rottenstreich Cohen Clair Lans Greifer

All The Companies That Cut Ties With Kanye West

The legal team that had been representing Ye in his divorce from businesswoman and celebrity Kim Kardashian has since ended their relationship.

Robert Stephan Cohen, an attorney, informed The Post on Tuesday, “I can affirm we are no longer representing Ye.”

Kardashian tweeted on Monday in favour of Jews: “Hate speech is never OK or justifiable. I stand in solidarity with the Jewish community and demand an end to the horrific violence and divisive speech directed at them.

Kanye West lost Adidas and the majority of his empire due to his antisemitism.


The Associated Press reports that Ye decided to leave the garment company in September.

However, Gap went above and beyond on Tuesday by announcing the closure of its Yeezy Gap.

“Recent comments and actions from our ex-partner further demonstrate why. The Yeezy Gap merchandise is being removed from our stores right away, the firm said in a statement.

Additionally, was shut down by the business; its current home page is the main webpage of the corporation.

Gap intended to launch standalone Yeezy retail locations.

JP Morgan Chase

This month, prior to the most recent outrage against Ye’s antisemitic remarks, the bank broke its relationship with him.

Candace Owens, a supporter of Ye and a conservative activist, posted what appeared to be a letter in which the bank informed Ye that it was cancelling its partnership with his Yeezy clothing line.

Despite declining a request for comment on Tuesday, Nicole Robbat, head of communications for commercial banking at JPMorgan Chase, reportedly confirmed the account’s closure to the New York Times.


The financier and producer MRC from Hollywood revealed on Monday that it was cutting ties with Ye.

According to a statement from the business, “We cannot promote any content that expands his platform.”

The article continued, “Last week he sampled and altered a classic music that has charted for over 3,000 years — the falsehood that Jews are malevolent and conspire to conquer the globe for their own advantage…. In the present day, Kanye has contributed to its mainstreaming.

A recently finished Ye documentary was also “shelved,” according to the corporation.

Donda Sports, Jaylen Brown, and Aaron Donald

One of the famous athletes that joined West’s marketing company, Donda Sports, was Boston Celtics forward Brown. He condemned Ye’s antisemitic remarks on October 24 but declared he was staying with the organisation. He had a thought change the following day.

“I now see that there are situations in which my voice and position cannot coexist in settings that are consistent with my stance or my ideals. And as a result, I’m ending my relationship with Donda Sports,” he declared in a statement.

Instagram and Twitter Acoounts Restricted

All The Companies That Cut Ties With Kanye West

The two social media platforms suspended Ye on Oct. 10 following a string of antisemitic statements, including an Instagrammed screenshot of a text exchange with Sean “Diddy” Combs in which Ye claimed Diddy was under the control of Jews.

The rapper mispronounced the “DEFCON” label of the United States’ defense-condition readiness warning system when he threatened to “go death con 3 on JEWISH PEOPLE” through Twitter.

Both firms asserted that they had disabled Ye’s accounts and removed the inflammatory content he had posted. Unknown is the length of the restrictions.

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