Autumn is a special time. And if it’s rainy and chilly outside, it’s time to get comfortable in a cozy chair and spend the evening watching a good movie. Whether you prefer romantic comedies, family dramas, or thrilling detectives, you’re sure to find a suitable movie on our list.

Dead Poets Society, 1989

A closed boys’ academy, perfectly ironed uniforms, a love of poetry, and Robin Williams reciting poetry is the perfect plan for a free fall evening.

The conservative college has a new English teacher, John Keating. Completely unlike other adults, he instantly wins the hearts of young boys. The teacher uses unorthodox methods to reach students trapped in the institution’s rigid traditions. This approach is very interesting to students, they want to deepen their learning, and with this desire, they do not need write essay for me services. It is Mr. Keating who helps young people understand the importance of finding and preserving their voices, despite the pressures of others

Sweet November 2001

 “Sweet November” is the perfect movie for a date or a rainy evening alone. The last month of fall, a time of change, a heady romance, and the charming on-screen duo of Keanu Reeves and Charlize Theron all grab our attention for two hours and leave a slight residue of sadness after viewing.

The plot revolves around a convinced workaholic, Nelson, for whom work is the most important thing in life. One day the man meets a girl who is unlike anyone he knows. Sarah is a bit strange and careless person, who turns Nelson’s routine upside down. For thirty days the heroine will change the life of a careerist until the sweet November comes to an end and forces the lovers to part.


When Harry Met Sally, 1989

Conversations about fall movies almost always lead to a leaf-covered Central Park, where Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal’s characters were taking a walk and routinely pondering the relationship between a man and a woman. The film is set against the backdrop of different seasons, but it is the autumn scenes that make the story so colorful and lively. Nora Ephron and Rob Reiner’s masterpiece is a timeless classic as cozy as Sally’s warm outfits.

Harry meets Sally on her way to New York City. Endless arguments and mutual dislike, by the law of the genre, should have led to a heady romance. But the characters say goodbye, only to meet again five years later for a brief time – and then immediately part ways again. It would be just as long before a true friendship finally emerged between them, which is doomed to collapse again under the onslaught of romantic feelings.

Autumn in New York, 2000

The relationship between Will (Richard Gere) and Charlotte (Winona Ryder) could not last forever. And it’s not just different temperaments and a big age difference, but also the fact that the young girl is terminally ill. The lack of hope does not stop the couple. Charlotte wants to have time to experience the full range of tender feelings and the sharpness of sensations, while she still has such an opportunity. Will, meanwhile, is doing everything he can to save his chosen one.

Aside from the title, Joan Chen’s melodrama includes several attributes that the viewer associates with autumn: Central Park, long walks through New York City, Richard Gere, and his soulmate quoting Emily Dickinson. A thoughtful warning: the particularly impressionable should have handkerchiefs ready right away!

The Lake House, 2006

Only at the lake house, Kate (Sandra Bullock) stopped feeling lonely. But after a painful breakup, the heroine decides to leave and writes a letter to a future tenant. It turns out to be an architect named Alex (Keanu Reeves), who discovers Kate’s message in the mailbox. After reading the letter, the man does not understand why the girl’s words do not match reality. In a short time, a correspondence begins between the characters, and they discover that they live in different periods: Alex spends his weekdays in 2004, and Kate in 2006. Thus begins the most unusual romance in history, for which no laws of time exist.

“The Lake House” can hardly be classified as a typical picture of time travel. The main thing here is not fiction, but love, which, of course, has no limits. And besides, who can miss an opportunity to admire Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves?

Stepmom, 1998

Isabel (Julia Roberts) wants her stepchildren, twelve-year-old Anna (Jenna Malone) and six-year-old Ben (Liam Aiken), who think she is an evil stepmother, to like her. Jackie (Susan Sarandon), Anna and Ben’s mother, doesn’t like Isabel either, but after learning of her terminal illness, she realizes that her ex-husband’s young woman is the one her children will one day be left with.

Like most family dramas, “Stepmother” is filled with comfort and a sense of warmth. Much of this mood is due to the fact that part of the movie takes place in the fall, and the characters are wearing fancy outerwear. The allure of the golden season is also evident in the poster, which depicts the main characters against the backdrop of all the hues of autumn.

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