Hollywood sensation, Adam Sandler is reportedly hiring his two daughters in a new upcoming Netflix movie and they both are getting a big paycheck.

Sadie and Sunny Sandler will be starring as Stacy and Ronnie Friedman in Fiona Rosenbloom’s beloved coming-of-age novel “You Are So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah.” The film will also feature some of the well known celebrities like Idina Menzel, Ido Mosseri, Sarah Sherman and much more.

Since, both of his childrens are minors (13,16), a judge is required to sign off on their salaries and contracts, and at the time of signing their contracts, it was decided that both Sadie and Sunny will be paid $65,000 for the movie, which is to be paid in weekly installments during filming, and if there is a sequel, the sisters would receive $162,500 each.

Adam Sandler’s Daughters Signed For $65K To Star In Dad’s New Movie

The contract of the sandler’s daughters also includes luxurious benefits like, first class hotel accomodations plus $60 per day for food and “business-class round-trip air transportation” for flying to the set locations.

However, Adam will be so happy to see his daughters working with his own company ‘Happy Madison.’ While, neither of these young girls needs any money from their acting career to support themselves. But it’s wonderful to see that their father pays them for their acting work just like anyone else.

We can admit one thing that both of sandler’s daughters will have a major role in the movie, as they got such big amount and that too in their teenage. While, currently there’s no release window for You Are SO Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah, so earliest we can see its release is in 2024.

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