The popularity of enormous front yard skeletons is a good sign that outdoor Halloween decorations have soared in recent years. Supplies of extravagant Halloween decorations are running scarce, so if you want to go all out this year with your eerie décor, now is the time to make plans.

To help you find the spookiest, creepiest, and crawliest outdoor Halloween decorations to make your house the talk of the neighborhood, we’ve looked high and low. The top decorations for your home and yard this year are compiled here.

Rocinha Halloween Spiders, Set of 4

best halloween decorations outdoor

This family of enormous spiders is not for the timid, with one of them measuring an incredible 4 feet! They are characterized by their hairy legs and bright eyes!

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11.5-Foot Inflatable Grim Reaper Driving Pumpkin Carriage by BZB Goods Store

best halloween decorations outdoor

With this enormous inflatable carriage, the Grim Reaper will arrive at your Halloween celebration in style. You’ll adore this light-up inflatable for the yard’s simple assembly and striking size.

Grandin Road Animated Yard Skeleton

best halloween decorations outdoor

This year, The Home Depot’s well-known 12-foot skeleton is already sold out, but Grandin Road still has a somewhat smaller but comparable replica. When the motion sensor is triggered, the 8-foot skeleton speaks and moves. Be sure to act quickly to avoid it selling out!

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Turnmeon 12-Foot Giant Stacked Pumpkins Halloween Inflatable

best halloween decorations outdoor

Another method to add height to your outdoor Halloween décor is using inflatables, which are usually less scary for small (and big, let’s be honest) children. This inflatable 12-foot stacked pumpkin is a terrific option for a cozier outdoor Halloween look because it’s as friendly as they come.

Oriental Trading Unicorn Skeleton Halloween Decoration

best halloween decorations outdoor

There Are Other Kinds of Giant Yard Skeletons Besides Humans! There Are Several Entertaining Skeletons Available, Such as This Unicorn Skeleton, Which We Adore for Its Whimsical and Unexpected Take on The Fashion.

Home Accents Holiday 6-Foot Led Lit Gold Encrusted Casket

best halloween decorations outdoor

With the help of this enormous luminous gold-encrusted casket, set the mood for a scary funeral scene. You can arrange the heavy-duty metal base in an upright or horizontal position to create the precise landscape you desire.

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Oriental Trading Glowing Face Witch Halloween Decoration Set

best halloween decorations outdoor

Make them friendly, witches. Though they won’t scare the youngsters away, these green-glowing women will create an eerie atmosphere in your yard.

AnanBros 5-Foot Hanging Corpse

best halloween decorations outdoor

You can hang or set this adaptable corpse decoration on the ground. An inflatable fake corpse, plastic sheeting, and adhesive are included with the kit; however, some assembly is necessary.

Joyin Halloween Animated Hanging Grim Reaper

best halloween decorations outdoor

Even by itself, a hanging Grim Reaper is eerie. This one has glowing eyes and can be voice-controlled for instantaneous spookiness. It also has sound effects and a shaking feature.

Crazy Bonez Light Up Skeleton Octopus

best halloween decorations outdoor

When we say that the skeleton craze has reached unprecedented heights, we mean it. However, if these enormous light-up octopus skeleton Halloween decorations are any indication, it has also reached unprecedented depths.

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Holiday 7-Foot Animated Home Accents Thd 3000

best halloween decorations outdoor

This 7-foot animatronic can transform your backyard into a sci-fi horror scene with its lifelike movements, LED light eyes, and motion-activated, eerie robotic noises.

The 6.5-foot Animated Gravedigger from Home Accents Holiday

best halloween decorations outdoor

A gravedigger is necessary for every cemetery scene to be complete. Standing 6.5 feet tall, this animatronic figure has a realistic-looking shovel-wielding ghoul gravedigger.

Window Clings – Spirit Halloween Bloody Hand Drips

best halloween decorations outdoor

These cheap window clings pack a big impact in a small package. Add a bit of scary Halloween flare to your windows by using them alone or as part of a larger picture.

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