When did they rekindle their relationship?

There were rumours that Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck had split up when J-Lo wiped her Instagram clean of all posts. Fans speculated that this could be for the promotion of her new album instead.

However the couple seem to be as close as ever, in a new interview Lopez spoke about how calling off their initial engagement in 2004 caused her a lot of pain and regret.

Ben affleck and Jennifer lopez

She says that fame and tabloid culture was the main reason why their relationship had been destroyed in the past.

They treated carefully to make sure that both their kids would be accepting of their relationship. Ben has three children with his ex-wife Jennifer Garner while Lopez has one pair of twins.

Jennifer has mentioned before that Affleck made the first to rekindle the spark between the former lovers. They then proceeded to tie the knot in a chapel in Las Vegas in July of 2022.

In a post on her Instagram, she posted a video that features a photo of her son Max lying on her now-husband Affleck’s shoulder. Max and Esme are the two children that J-Lo had with her ex-husband Marc Anthony.


Nearly 18 years later the two are back together happier than ever in what Lopez refers to as a fairytale ending to their romance.

J-Lo mentions that her new album was inspired by the moment in time when she was reunited with the love of her life and the message behind the album is to show the world that love does exist.

She said that Ben asked whether she was okay with exposing such vulnerability in her music and she claimed that she didn’t know how else to express herself.

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