On December 3, Keke Palmer hosted Saturday Night Live for the first time, and she made it a night to remember for her fans by confirming the online rumors that she actually is pregnant.

The 29-year-old actress is currently dating Darius Jackson but she hasn’t revealed much about their relationship in public. During an interview on The Tamron Hall Show last year, the former child actress discussed sharing images of her partner, whom she described as “quite industry-adjacent,” on Instagram.

She said in the episode: “I’m especially delighted to be here because there have been some rumors floating about. People have been claiming in my comments, ‘Keke’s pregnant, Keke’s having a kid,’ and I’d want to put the record right. “, tearing up her jacket to reveal a naked tummy with a visible protrusion. “I am!”

“I must tell, y’all, it’s horrible when people on the internet propagate things about you, but it’s much worse when they’re true,” the actress and Baby, This Is Keke Palmer podcast host added. “I mean, I was trying so hard to keep it quiet because I had a lot going on, you know?” She joked that she had a liquor sponsorship on the line.

Keke Palmer Addresses Her Pregnancy Rumors On SNL Monologue, says “I am!”

“But honestly this has been the biggest blessing, and I am so excited. Guys, I’m going to be a mom,” she continued. “Even though some people feel a little weird about me having a baby cause I was a child actor, I just wanna say, look, I’m 29, I’m grown, I have sex, I own a home, I stormed the Capitol on January 6, you know? Things adults do,” she laughed.

“It got increasingly harder to disguise,” she said to Hall. “We spend all this time together, and he truly is my best buddy, so it just becomes a situation where I’m not going to hide something that makes me happy.” (The photographs have now been removed.)

Cardi B previously disclosed her pregnancy on SNL when performing as a musical guest in 2018. During a performance of “Be Careful,” the singer flaunted her baby bulge in a tight translucent white gown.

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