Solo Max-Level Newbie is a popular manga series that has captivated fans with its thrilling storyline and intricate characters.

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Chapter 114 of this gripping series is eagerly awaited by fans, and in this article, we will explore the release date and other relevant details surrounding this highly anticipated chapter.

Solo Max-Level Newbie Chapter 114 Release Date and Time

Fans can mark their calendars as Solo Max-Level Newbie Chapter 114 is set to release on August 18, 2023, at 12 am KST. This release date has been confirmed by the creators of the series, and fans are counting down the days until they can dive back into the world of Solo Max-Level Newbie.

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Solo Max-Level Newbie follows a weekly release schedule, offering fans a consistent dose of excitement and suspense. Each chapter of the series is released every Friday, allowing readers to stay engaged with the story and eagerly anticipate the next installment.

Here are the all-region release date details for Solo Max-Level Newbie Chapter 114:

  • Korea (KST): August 18, 2023, at 12 AM KST
  • Japan (JST): August 18, 2023, at 1 AM JST
  • China (CST): August 18, 2023, at 2 AM CST
  • India (IST): August 18, 2023, at 6:30 AM IST
  • United States (PST): August 17, 2023, at 3 PM PST
  • United Kingdom (BST): August 18, 2023, at 8 AM BST
  • Europe (CET): August 18, 2023, at 9 AM CET

Solo Max-Level Newbie Chapter 114 Spoilers and Speculations

As the release date for Chapter 114 approaches, fans inevitably speculate about what might unfold in the upcoming installment. While it’s essential to be cautious of spoilers, online communities, and forums allow fans to engage in discussions and share their predictions regarding the future of Solo Max-Level Newbie.

Solo Max-Level Newbie Chapter 114  Spoilers and Speculations

BEWARE! Possible spoilers ahead!

As the anticipation for Solo Max-Level Newbie Chapter 114 reaches its peak, the veil of secrecy is gradually lifted, revealing potential twists and turns that could shape the story’s future. JinHyuk, known for his knack of infuriating higher beings, faces a challenging situation. The echoes of his past antics, like the tomb vandalism and the audacious clowning, are poised to catch up with him.

Solo Max-Level Newbie Chapter 114  Spoilers and Speculations

JinHyuk’s journey into the heart of the virtual realm sees him engaging with the Murim Alliance, navigating a masquerade ball, and encountering diverse challenges. As he readies himself to confront the combined might of the 8th and 9th-floor bosses, there’s an air of intrigue surrounding the difficult conditions he must fulfill for victory.

Amid meticulous preparations, a twist brews as the minuscule administrator, entangled in a feud with the very creator of JinHyuk’s specialized suit, enacts a scheme to divert the treasure-seeking player from his post. This maneuver potentially lowers a barrier, seemingly aligning with JinHyuk’s plan. However, the masked figure, an enigmatic presence, might hold the key to the sudden appearance of the 9th-floor bosses.

Solo Max-Level Newbie Chapter 114  Spoilers and Speculations

In this upcoming chapter, the stage is set for a clash of wits and power, where JinHyuk’s strategic brilliance will be put to the ultimate test. Readers can expect a roller-coaster of revelations, alliances, and unforeseen challenges that will propel the story to new heights of excitement and intrigue. The virtual world of Solo Max-Level Newbie is on the brink of another enthralling chapter, where the unpredictable actions of its protagonist are bound to leave fans both astounded and craving for more.

Anticipated Developments For Solo Max-Level Newbie Chapter 114

Chapter 113 of Solo Max-Level Newbie left readers on the edge of their seats, and the anticipation for Chapter 114 is at an all-time high.

Anticipated Developments For Solo Max-Level Newbie Chapter 114

Fans eagerly await various developments such as character growth, plot twists, and the resolution of ongoing conflicts. The creators have masterfully crafted a world brimming with suspense, and each chapter brings new surprises and revelations.

Where to Read Solo Max-Level Newbie Chapter 114?

For avid manga enthusiasts, knowing where to read the latest chapters is crucial. Solo Max-Level Newbie can be read on various online platforms, including official manga websites and apps.

Chapter 114 of Solo Max-Level Newbie will be accessible for reading in its original, unprocessed form (written in Korean) on platforms like Naver Series and Naver Webtoon.

It is also available to read on (in English):


Solo Max-Level Newbie Chapter 114 is set to release on August 18, 2023, at 12 am KST. With its gripping storyline, well-developed characters, and weekly release schedule, the series has captivated fans worldwide.

Make sure to mark your calendars and prepare for another thrilling installment of Solo Max-Level Newbie as the story continues to unfold.

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