MF Ghost, an exciting new anime series, has been attracting a lot of attention from fans worldwide. With its intriguing plot and high anticipation, fans are eager to know more about the release date and other details of this upcoming anime.

MF Ghost

In this article, we will dive into the release date of MF Ghost, explore its plot details, and discuss the highly-anticipated premiere.

MF Ghost Release Date Announcement

The release date for the MF Ghost anime series has been officially announced. Fans can mark their calendars for Sunday, October 1, 2023, as the day MF Ghost will make its debut on various channels, including Tokyo MX, BS11, and RKB Mainichi Broadcasting. This news has sparked excitement among fans who have been eagerly awaiting this anime series.

MF Ghost Release Date Announcement

MF Ghost Plot Details

MF Ghost is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Shuichi Shigeno. It is the official sequel to Initial D, and is also focused on the Japanese street racing scene. The series has been serialized in Kodansha’s Weekly Young Magazine since September 2017, with its chapters collected in 17 tankōbon volumes as of June 2023. An anime television series adaptation by Felix Film is set to premiere in October 2023.

MF Ghost Plot Details

One of the main themes explored in MF Ghost is the world of drifting, which involves controlled slides around corners at high speeds. It requires a unique set of skills and techniques, making it an exhilarating motorsport to watch and experience. Fans can expect to see thrilling racing scenes and intense competitions as Kanata Livington navigates through this exciting world.

The story takes place in the year 2023, where self-driving electric cars have become the norm. However, there is still a small number of people who prefer to drive internal combustion engine cars, and they participate in illegal street races.

The protagonist of the story is Kanata Rivington, a half-Japanese, half-British teenager who moves to Japan to compete in the MFG (Motor Fanatic Ghost) street racing championship. Kanata is a skilled driver, and he quickly becomes one of the top contenders in the championship.

MF Ghost Plot Details

However, Kanata is not just interested in winning races. He is also determined to learn more about his Japanese father, who disappeared when Kanata was a child.

MF Ghost is a thrilling story about street racing, friendship, and family. It is a story about people who are passionate about driving, and who are willing to risk everything to achieve their dreams.

MF Ghost Characters and Voice Cast

While the full voice cast for MF Ghost has not been revealed yet, fans are eager to know who will bring these characters to life.

MF Ghost Characters and Voice Cast

As the release date draws nearer, more information about the voice cast is expected to be announced. Fans can anticipate the introduction of a diverse and talented cast that will enhance the storytelling and captivate the audience.

The main characters include:

  1. Kanata Rivington: Our determined protagonist, who hails from the UK to uncover the truth about his father and prove his racing prowess with a Toyota.
  2. Ren Saionji: Kanata’s supportive girlfriend, who works at MFG Company and aids in his quest.
  3. Keisuke Takahashi: CEO of a prominent trading company, he’s dedicated to finding young talents, including Kanata.
  4. Emma Greene: Dubbed “Godly Fifteen,” she’s a skilled racer with a stunning presence, known for her prowess behind the wheel of an Aston Martin Vantage.

Expectations for the Premiere

The upcoming premiere of MF Ghost has created a significant level of anticipation within the anime community. Fans are eager to see how the story unfolds, how the characters are portrayed, and the overall production quality of the anime adaptation.

Expectations for the Premiere

Given the success of Shuichi Shigeno’s previous works, such as Initial D, expectations are high for MF Ghost to deliver a thrilling and immersive racing experience.

MF Ghost Trailer and Promotional Material

For fans who want a taste of what MF Ghost has in store, a trailer has been released. The trailer showcases exciting racing sequences, stunning visuals, and hints at the intense storyline.

It serves as a sneak peek into the world of MF Ghost, building excitement and anticipation for the series ahead of its premiere. Fans can refer to the official trailer to get a glimpse of the thrilling racing action and captivating visuals that await them.

Where To Watch MF Ghost?

MF Ghost anime will be streaming on Crunchyroll starting on October 1, 2023. Crunchyroll is a subscription-based streaming service that offers a wide variety of anime and manga series. It is available on a variety of devices, including computers, smartphones, tablets, and game consoles.

To watch MF Ghost on Crunchyroll, you will need to create an account and subscribe to the service. Crunchyroll offers a variety of subscription plans, including a free plan with limited content. To watch MF Ghost, you will need to subscribe to at least the Crunchyroll Premium plan, which costs $9.99 per month or $79.99 per year.


The release date for MF Ghost is set for Sunday, October 1, 2023, and fans are eagerly counting down the days until the premiere. With its captivating plot, focus on the world of drifting, and high expectations from the anime community, MF Ghost promises to deliver an exhilarating and adrenaline-fueled experience.

As the premiere date approaches, fans can look forward to more updates, including voice cast announcements and further promotional material. Get ready to buckle up and join Kanata Livington on his journey into the world of racing in MF Ghost.

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