‘Drifters’ is defined as a Japanese anime with roots in the fantasy genre. The manga is written by Kouta Hirano, who also draws the images.

The manga was first serialized in a regional publication. The same-titled anime version of the series ran from October 7, 2016, to December 23, 2016.


‘Drifters’ confirmed a second season back in 2016, but as of right now, no further details regarding the show’s future beyond the second season have been revealed. Therefore, let’s review all of the data we now possess.

Is ‘Drifters’ Getting a Second Season Renewal?

The anime’s first season debuted on October 7, 2016, and ran until December 23, 2016. Following the end of the first season, the second season’s renewal was revealed. Not much has changed in the almost seven years that have elapsed since then.

Is 'Drifters' Getting a Second Season Renewal?

“To be continued Second Season,” was the declaration that was issued at the conclusion of the first season’s finale. See you later. Japan 20XX. Goodbye.” This might apply to any year now. Because of this, viewers may have to wait a while to see their beloved masked vigilante return to the screen, even if the program has been renewed.

When Will The Drifters Season 2 Be Available?

As of right present, there is no known date for the show’s release. Nothing has transpired to advance the series, despite the fact that the show was renewed for a second season in 2016. The absence of substance can be the primary cause of the delay.

When Will The Drifters Season 2 Be Available?

As of this writing, seven volumes have been published. Of those volumes, four were covered in the first season; that leaves two. Obviously, this is insufficient for an entire season. The fact that the three OVA episodes have already covered over half of Volume 5 exacerbates the situation. Even after the show was renewed, we could still have to wait for the publication of new volumes before we could anticipate that production on season 2 would start.

Are There Any Drifters Episodes With English Dubbings Available?

Fans can view the episodes of the show on Funimation that have been dubbed into English.

What Is The Show’s Plot?

The storyline of the show centers on Shimazu Toyohisa, a middle-aged man who travels to a parallel modern world. Upon awakening, he discovers himself in a hallway with hundreds of doors arranged on either side.

What Is The Show's Plot?

Before long, he finds that his new home is teeming with amazing creatures and humans. Many warriors find Shimzau along the route and join him. Together, these soldiers discover that there are many tyrants in today’s globe and are resolved to eradicate them so that the populace might be set free.

When Will the Second Season Trailer Be Released?

Even though the show’s renewal was first announced back in 2016, nothing has changed in terms of the development. However, keep a watch on this area, as we will promptly update it upon any formal announcement.

Are There Any Available Spoilers?

Therefore, there are no spoilers available for the second season. Those who haven’t seen the first season yet can catch up. Additionally, you can read up on the manga series to learn more about the anime.

Which Individuals Make Up the Main Cast?

Known as the show’s main protagonist, Shimazu Toyohisa is based on the famous Samurai fighter of the same name who existed in real life. In the narrative, Shimazu finds himself in a fantastical realm where he joins the Drifters and becomes enraged over the mindless oppression that rules there.

Which Individuals Make Up the Main Cast?

One of Shimazu’s earliest allies in the fantasy realm is Nobunaga Oda, a notoriously strong Japanese warlord. Aside from that, he is among the most significant characters in the program.

Yoichi Suketaka Nasu, a fictionalized version of the historical Samurai Yochi Suketaka Nasu, is a sexy 19-year-old who joined the Drifters. He is a very talented archer, a skill that he frequently uses throughout the entire series to dispatch a great deal of opponents at large.

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