Whether you observe it or not, Valentine’s Day is regarded as one of the most depressing occasions. You shower your partner with Valentine’s Day presents, flowers, and perhaps even a marriage proposal. Valentine’s Day, however, may have gone a bit too far for some folks. Four months in advance, you’re making a reservation? Sorry, no thanks. Overpriced presents were given and received during dinner at a busy restaurant? A hard no! There are many Valentine’s Day memes and jokes available, which thankfully helps to lighten the mood for those who are Valentine’s skeptics or don’t take the celebration too seriously.

Although Valentine’s Day has come to represent love and affection, its beginnings are actually much darker. According to historians, the holiday was first observed in ancient Rome during the Lupercalia festival, which, upon further research, seems quite unromantic.

Here are some of the best Valentine’s Day memes to get you through the romantic holiday, regardless of whether you disagree with Valentine’s Day’s historical roots, don’t like the idea of “public displays of passion,” or would rather honor Singles Awareness Day. Whether or not they’re cynical, these jokes about Valentine’s Day will have you grinning.

This Third Wheel Moment

This Fair Warning

This Ideal Night In

This Perfect Date

This Sassy Statement

This Precautionary Move

This Disappointing Delivery

This Salty Message

This Sad Predicament

This Unfortunate Shift

This Encouraging Sign

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