Do you have any memories of going to school on Valentine’s Day as a kid with a bag full of adorable tiny cards for the children in your class? Remember how fun it was to customize them the previous evening and choose which friend would receive which Valentine? Who would receive a blue raspberry lollipop as a blessing? (By the way, the best lollipops ever.)

Giving cards and gifts to all of your friends was so much fun, and receiving them in return was just as enjoyable. For adults, it’s a heady dose of nostalgia, and for kids today, it’s even better because most cards also include cute little extras like candy or surprises like toys that will make their Valentines feel especially special.

The carefully chosen Valentine’s Day cards for kids on our list are stylish, allow youngsters to do some DIY, and simply provide something special for them to share with their classmates. See our picks for the cutest Valentine’s Day cards for kids, which your young ones will love.

P.S. When you build your children’s Valentine’s Day box, make sure the slot is big enough because many of the cards they will receive will come with an extra gift.

Paper Magic L.O.L. Surprise! Valentines with Magnets (16-Count)

valentine day cards for school

We don’t know what it is about these little dolls, but one thing’s for sure: Kids love them. Each valentine comes with a L.O.L. doll magnet, for a valentine that sticks around. (Get it?!)

Custo Dad Superhero Lollipop Capes

valentine day cards for school

This adorable valentine — a paper “cape” you can add to a lollypop — is a little more labor-intensive, but offers great bang for your buck. Once you purchase the download, you can print as many as you want!

Paper Magic Mandalorian Valentines and Glow Sticks (16-Count)

valentine day cards for school

This is the way… to have a great Valentine’s Day. These cards featuring everyone’s favorite tiny green alien come with a tiny green glow stick for an out-of-this-world holiday. This packet includes 16 valentines, 16 envelopes, 16 glow sticks, and 48 heart seals.

Oriental Trading Pop-Hearts Valentines (12-Count)

valentine day cards for school

Pop-Its are as popular as ever among little kids, and we love these valentine/keychains, which can be enjoyed dangling from a backpack all year long. Also, we won’t lie: The “Have a POPPIN’ Valentine’s Day” card made us chuckle.

Inky Rose Design Valentines with Dino Toy (6- to 42-Count)

valentine day cards for school

There are lots of options for customization with this dino-riffic valentine, from the message to the amount, to whether you want the seller to assemble them or if you’d prefer to DIY.

Joyin Valentine’s Day Cards with Stampers (36-Count)

valentine day cards for school

Everyone can appreciate the fun of a festive stamp. We love these Valentine’s Day cards for kids because there are six different stamp designs included, as well as four options for card designs.

Joyin Valentine’s Day Playfoam with Cards (12-Count)

valentine day cards for school

Playfoam is slime’s nicer, cleaner cousin; there’s a satisfying squish and pop with every poke and fold. It’s tactile and sensory, and with the addition of the Valentine’s Day cards, it’s a pretty great giveaway, too.

This is a wonderful alternative to giving out candy, and it’s especially great when you don’t know the allergies of the classroom or fellow students.

Peaceable Kingdom Valentine’s Day Cards for Kids with Slap Bracelets

valentine day cards for school

Slap bracelets are the best bracelets, and you can’t convince me otherwise. This set gives you 28 bracelets along with accompanying cards. The bracelets contain animal patterns, which just make them that much wilder. And at only $16? It’s kind of a bargain.

Malhaii Led Finger Lights Valentine’s Day Cards (30-Pack)

valentine day cards for school

These are tiny finger projectors — have you ever seen such a thing?! I hadn’t before these, but you can bet that I one-clicked these so hard that I think I scared Jeff Bezos. I’ve literally never seen a cooler valentine/favor in my entire life, and needless to say, kids will find them just as cool as I did.

Peaceable Kingdom Scratch-Off Silly Jokes (28-Pack)

valentine day cards for school

Encourage your kid to give silly cards to their classmates for the best Valentine’s Day ever. Kids will have a blast opening up their cards and rattling off the jokes to one another.

Before you know it, your little one will be hitting those one-liners with the timing of a seasoned comedian. I expect Dad will want to get in on these corny jokes as well.

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