In the serene landscapes of Hawaii, a troubling issue persists beneath the surface, threatening the state’s tranquility and moral fabric. Cockfighting, an illegal and inhumane activity, has entrenched itself within the islands, sparking concerns among advocates and community leaders.

Wayne Pacelle, president of Animal Wellness Action, has brought to light the pressing matter of illegal cockfighting in Hawaii, drawing attention to the extensive coverage by Honolulu Civil Beat in 2023. Pacelle’s stance emphasizes the critical need for immediate and decisive action against this unethical practice.

Combatting Cockfighting in Hawaii: Urgent Need for Action

Pacelle lauds Civil Beat’s dedication to highlighting the corrosive effects of cockfighting on Hawaii’s civil society. He echoes the need for fortified laws, highlighting Hawaii’s lenient regulations compared to other states, which has fostered an environment where illegal cockfighting thrives.

His insights shed light on the staggering numbers of live bird exports from Hawaii to places like Guam, revealing the widespread reach of this underground trade network. The stark revelations on social media, where cockfighters openly boast about their birds and facilitate sales across the Pacific Rim, underscore the urgent need for intervention.

Beyond the cruelty inflicted upon animals, Pacelle emphasizes the criminal underbelly associated with cockfighting. Murders, money laundering, drug trafficking, and high-stakes gambling are disturbingly interlinked with this activity, presenting a complex challenge that extends far beyond animal welfare.

Combatting Cockfighting in Hawaii: Urgent Need for Action

Pacelle makes a poignant call against excusing cruelty or lawlessness as cultural practices, stressing the importance of immediate and comprehensive action. He highlights recent law enforcement actions against illegal cockfighting in Waianae and Senator Mazie Hirono’s efforts in supporting legislation to combat animal fighting crimes, including cockfighting, at a federal level.

The urgent plea goes out to local and state lawmakers, urging them to take a resolute stance against cockfighting. Pacelle’s message resonates strongly, emphasizing that the issue demands collective attention and immediate legislative measures to curb this vice that threatens not just animal welfare but also public safety and moral integrity.

Combatting Cockfighting in Hawaii: Urgent Need for Action

In summary, Pacelle’s compelling advocacy underscores the imperative for swift and robust action. Hawaii stands at a critical juncture, with the opportunity to tackle this illicit trade and its associated criminal activities head-on. The call to action is clear – combatting cockfighting demands a united front from legislators, law enforcement, and the community at large to protect both animals and the essence of Hawaiian values.

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