DJ Drew Taggart has been in the spotlight since since rumours that he was seeing Selena Gomez began to spread.

The summer relationship between the Chainsmokers’ frontman and Eve, daughter of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, seems to have faded out.

According to a story in Us Weekly on Monday, the vocalist of the Wolves and Drew are in a “very informal and low-key” relationship.

Eve Jobs has deleted her Instagram account

The informant went on to say that the pair “goes bowling and to the movies” on dates and is “having a lot of fun together.” They “aren’t attempting to disguise their affection by sneaking around at members-only clubs.”

Page Six reports that amid the relationship rumours, Drew’s ex Eve has deleted her Instagram account.

However, according to Us Weekly, Eve and Drew’s split was “completely amicable.”

What does this mean?

Drew has kept his Instagram images with Eve up to date (at least as of the time of writing), however fans have observed that Eve appears to have completely erased her account after Us Weekly revealed that Drew is dating Selena.

Eve Jobs has deleted her Instagram account

This may not even be significant! It could have some significance! Whatever the case may be, a source told Us Weekly that Selena and Drew “aren’t attempting to disguise their romance by sneaking around at members only clubs,” that they’ve been going on bowling and movie dates, and that they’re “having a lot of fun together.” Someone close to Selena said that the singer “can scarcely keep her hands off” Drew since she is “very loving” with him.

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