Nikita Dragun, a YouTuber, holds numerous titles, including mother of the Dragun family, businesswoman, and beauty expert. Nikita is an inspiration for following your heart and doing what’s right for you, no matter how challenging it can appear.

Nikita, who was born a man, has changed over the past few years to become the beloved Nikita who has millions of fans. Nikita, 24, recently opened up on Instagram about her struggle and said she is proud of how far she has gone.

Is Nikita Dragun Male?

On January 31, 1996, Nikita Dragun, formerly Nicholas, was born to her parents as a boy. The makeup artist recalls a number of painful incidents from high school where she was bullied by other pupils. Nikita was never interested in the things other boys were into when he was a young boy. Nikita Dragun is trans, then?

Yes, it is the answer. She used to play dress-up in lady’s attire and sneak into her mother’s bedroom to apply her cosmetics back then. Nikita struggled greatly in her attempt to embrace femininity while confined to a male body.

After seeing a transgender documentary, Nikita finally realized why she was the way she was. As seen in the documentary, this was her turning point, and she started saving for surgery to change her gender.

Nikita Dragun revealed her gender identity to the public in a video titled “I Am Transgender” that she posted on December 28, 2015. She details all the challenges and unpleasant experiences she has had as a trans person in this video.

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Dragun Documented Her Transition on YouTube and Still Posts Any Changes on Her Body on The Platform

After six months on YouTube, Nikita Dragun told her followers that she considered herself to be a transgender woman. According to Forbes, she came out because she was worn out and irritated. She subsequently began to upload videos on YouTube of her makeover. She uttered:

“I then began documenting my journey and being honest. Actually, I was just frustrated. I wanted to transition, but I couldn’t find any internet resources to help me with my questions.

All of Nikita’s transitional activities were recorded and put online. We witnessed her change into the shape she had always imagined for herself. Dragun said to Elle that she wished she hadn’t suppressed her femininity as a child since she was perfectly capable of succeeding as a trans woman. She uttered:

I wish I could tell myself that the characteristics about myself that I knew right away, even as a child, and that I knew I had to hide — and I hid them for most of my life — would push me forward in life.

Dragun continues to document her physical transformations on YouTube. She shared a video of her fourth rhinoplasty in March 2021, and as usual, she was completely honest. She included the video description below:

Hello, draguns! Yes… I had new nose surgery. Just for educational purposes, watch this video. My biggest flaw has always been my nose. Join me as I walk you through my fourth rhinoplasty procedure and my full recuperation. Everything, I mean EVERYTHING, will be visible to you.

Nikita frequently expresses her delight in her development as a person and her change. Nikita captioned a picture of her childhood self with the words “TRANS AND PROUD” on Instagram. Added her:

“I am loved and have the freedom to live my life the way I want to. Transgender women are women. Transgender males are men. I want to thank everyone for their love and support, which I never knew the world could offer. I adore you two very much.

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Nikita’s Parents Feared for Her Safety when She Started Her Transition

Nikita was born on January 31st, 1996, in Belgium to a Mexican mother and a Vietnamese father. Early on, Dragun’s parents noticed that she had a tendency for feminine pursuits, and they encouraged their daughter. To support Nikita as she demonstrated her talents on the cheerleading team, they attended school games.

In a video that was uploaded to Nikita’s YouTube account in March 2017, Nikita’s father stated, “I sensed that something wasn’t normal.” “But I realize that’s what you need, what you enjoy, and what you excel at. I simply rejoice that you are who you are.

nikita dragun before and after

Nikita’s parents were in favor of her metamorphosis, but her father was concerned for her safety throughout the treatments. Her mother was concerned that Nikita’s transition might be impacted by societal norms. Thankfully, Nikita successfully through the transition. Mom of Dragun said:

We’ve got your back, I simply want you to know that. We adore you, embrace you, and completely support you. Whatever it may be—pink, polka dots, stripes, rainbows, etc.— Be true to yourself and live an honorable life. Honor the family and honor yourself. Be content.

Dragun is still grateful to her parents for their unwavering support. She tweeted a throwback image of her and her father alongside a more contemporary image of the family on May 31, 2021. Nikita wrote as her caption:

“One of my finest moments was when my father accepted me as his daughter after I had been his son. Understanding didn’t develop overnight and required time. However, I am grateful every day for my supportive father in my wild trans existence. I’m incredibly lucky. You have my undying affection, Papa Dragun.

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